still a little damp and cold though.


still a little damp and cold though.
Zeng Fei was panting heavily, as if he didn’t even have the strength to get up, and said: “It was so thrilling. I was almost dead.” Indeed, with Zeng Fei’s physical condition, I am afraid he really can’t bear the big impact. A whip from the iron head. Then he reached out to wipe the blood on his forehead, but strangely he didn’t touch anything. However, as if he
felt the deathly silence in the classroom, Zeng Fei fell silent and couldn’t help but look up to see what was going on in the classroom.
Yin Kuang helped Zeng Fei up without saying a word, his eyes also observing the situation in the classroom.
However, what made Yin Kuang and others frown was that Old Man Zhang actually stayed with Teacher Cha and others. But the swaddling clothes originally wrapped in Old Man Zhang’s hands fell into Teacher Cha’s hands. Seeing this, Yin Kuang looked at Wang Ning who was leaning on the podium, obviously questioning him. Wang Ning shrugged, meaning there was nothing I could do. When he stepped forward and asked, he found out that Old Man Zhang went there voluntarily. He couldn’t stop him and couldn’t use force, so Wang Ning had to let go. As for Bei Dao, this guy was seriously injured and was too busy to take care of himself that he had no time to take care of Old Man Zhang. In addition, Wang Ning also said that Teacher Cha was indeed evil enough that ordinary monsters did not dare to approach him and stayed far away. It is no wonder that Old Man Zhang chose to stand next to Teacher Cha.
Regarding the sudden entry of Yin Kuang and others, everyone in the classroom had different expressions. Teacher Zhang was relieved and happy for Yin Kuang and others. And he was very grateful that they had escorted him all the way here. As for Teacher Cha, he was holding the baby in his arms and rocking it in a decent manner. After being stunned for a moment, an intriguing smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. The survivors looked at Yin Kuang and others with burning eyes, as if they wanted to rush up and bite them.
/Bei Dao, who was covered in blood, “sneered” after seeing Yin Kuang and others, glanced at them coldly, and finally paused at Leng Huaping, then lowered his eyebrows and continued to adjust his breath.
In this way, they were all together. Just
/when Yin Kuang, Bei Dao, and Teacher Cha were in a stalemate in classroom 911, the lights in the classroom suddenly turned on. There was insufficient light in the classroom, and the scarlet dim light penetrated into the classroom from the window, creating an eerie atmosphere. The lamp suddenly turned on, the white light was dazzling, and everyone was startled. The timid survivors even screamed out, shouting “what’s going on” and “what happened” one by one. Then, the suddenly bright light dimmed again, and then started to flicker. The flickering went from slow to fast, and finally the entire classroom became chaotic, with light and dark alternating frequently.
Not only was something strange happening in the classroom, but the world

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re was any further hesitation, no one would be able to leave.

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