oned, you will definitely meet an expert, and if you have a good relationship with an expert, you will definitely Don’t you know about the development of magical skills?”


oned, you will definitely meet an expert, and if you have a good relationship with an expert, you will definitely Don’t you know about the development of magical skills?”
Yin Kuang suddenly felt his scalp numb, “I don’t have time to read novels. If I have that skill, I might as well practice more, so that I can live longer.”
Yin Kuang’s heart condensed.
As soon as the man finished speaking, Yin Kuang jumped up, walked to the railing, and said, “Senior, I’m here to teach you.” The man said, “Hey, a child can be taught, and a rotten tree can be carved. Anyway, I’ve had enough sleep. I’m very bored, so I’ll chat with you. You’ve been thinking about it for so long just now. You should have come up with some clues, right? Tell me.”
Yin Kuang said: “Yeah. Senior Chongming locked me up here, so he should have asked me to I stayed quietly for a while to fully prepare for his plan. In addition, just now, Senior Long, you also mentioned that you are the Purple Dragon Soul Enhancer. I think Senior Chongming wants me to ask you for advice on the use of the Purple Dragon Soul. The
man said “Hmm” twice and said, “It’s almost the same.”
Yin Kuang suddenly felt uneasy.
/Then the man’s slightly joking voice came, “Then why do you let me teach you the method of controlling the purple dragon soul?”
Yin Kuang thought for a while and said: “You must teach me! Otherwise Chongming Senior will not lock me next to you. Senior Chongming never does anything he is not sure of.”
“Hahahaha!!” After hearing this, the man laughed wildly, and shouted “Ouch” while laughing, as if His stomach hurt from laughing, “You kid, you really feel good about yourself. Just because of your words, I won’t teach you!” “”
Yin Kuang sighed and said, “In that case, I’m not bothering the senior.” After saying that, he returned to the corner and leaned against the wall.
“Hey!” The man was a little surprised, “So simple? Don’t you want to learn? I am the first dragon soul driver to conquer the dragon soul with a human soul! And those who succumbed to the dragon soul and were even killed by the dragon The garbage of Soul Slavery is not on the same level. Being able to get my guidance is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you. Do you have any brains?” After a short
silence, the man’s voice came, and he regained his laziness. Yangyang said, “Not bad, that makes some sense. Boy, you are only a freshman, right?”
“I can have your level of strength in my freshman year, even though I am better than you were when I was a freshman. There is a gap, but it is already quite difficult. What is even more rare is that you can expel the dragon soul and soul thoughts. Although I don’t know how you did it, even if it were me, I couldn’t do it. Soul System Strengthening This is the capital of your pride.”
Yin Kuang raised his eyebrows, “However, recently I regretted expelling the soul thought of ‘Zhu Li’ prematurely.”
“Zhu Li? Haha” the man smiled, “It’s no wonder. The key to strengthening the soul system is soul thoughts. Eliminating or expelling sou

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re was any further hesitation, no one would be able to leave.

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