unusually young age.


unusually young age.
/Someone was recording statements for them, and the hospital car also arrived. The red lights were shining, giving the originally cheerful Halloween night a different atmosphere.
The policemen rushed past, calling the girl’s name.
There is no saying here about how long it takes to report a missing child. If you can’t find it in town, it means it is missing. It has to wait more than ten hours to deal with it. Where can you find the person even if the day lilies are cold?
Han Xuan could hear the crying even from such a distance, and felt uncomfortable.
/The parents went to help search. There were three bodyguards, Gabriel, Owen, and Jason, who said to them: “Where is my cell phone? Call Barton, help me call everyone in the ranch to help search, and ask the police to seal it off.” Take a few roads around. It has just been dark for more than two hours, including the time to ask for sweets. If you are kidnapped, you will definitely not be able to go far. Let Pooh and the others come over. Animals have sensitive noses and can smell the smell.”
“I’ll go. !” Jason picked up Han Xuan’s phone from his waist, walked not far away, pressed a few buttons, and said something quickly.
Gabriel said: “Your parents asked us to take you home first, let’s go.” ”
Wait a minute, I don’t feel safe going back. Just wait for the news here. You are here, it’s okay.” ”
Then I’ll go get the others The man who
kept the dog at home was called to borrow the clothes the girl had worn and spread out to look for them.
The children were all taken home by the adults. The father went out and took a gun, shining countless flashlights on him. The street lights were not turned on originally to add to the atmosphere, but now they are turned on. The ground is a mess.
Han Xuan stood on the side of the road and looked to both sides. Everyone was wearing makeup tonight. Even if you stood in front of some people with heavy makeup, you might not be able to recognize who they were. It was easy for strangers to sneak in, and children would go out alone. , is indeed a good opportunity for crime.
After they finished the phone call and walked towards the couple, the policeman was showing the girl’s photo and shouted to those who wanted to help: “She is Kristina! This is a photo from last year! Blonde hair!” Blue eyes! He’s a little over 1.2 meters tall! I’m wearing a blue Doraemon costume tonight! If you don’t know, look at my picture, it’s this blue cat! Please help me find it!”
Han Xuan instantly remembered that Doraemon, because it was so unique and so cute that he couldn’t help but look at it a few times.
Close your eyes and recall the scene at that time.
What I saw was the girl in the photo. She was holding a small basket of candies and standing at the door of a house with a few friends, asking for candies.
I saw him again later, still with a friend.
The main road in Augusta Town crisscrosses the north and south. He turned around and looked south. She was there at the time.
Gabriel and the others were

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