pread across a prairie fire.


She loves Li Shuangmu. She loved his handsomeness, his elegance and wisdom, and his confidence and calmness. In short, everything about him seemed to be beautiful before, and she loved them all. But when he encountered a real disaster, although he was still handsome, elegant, wise, confident and calm, these factors that she once liked made her feel that they were artificial.
But when there is no “if”, she has to worry about Li Shuangmu, run around for him, suffer humiliation, and even be ravaged by Yin Kuang. If not, she and Li Shuangmu will become Dou Tianli’s victims forever. Erase from this world! How could she be willing to live until now? !
Leng Huaping’s thinking became increasingly confusing. She even felt that Yin Kuang, who she hated so much a moment ago, suddenly became charming. His arrogance and coldness, just sitting on the sofa and talking, turned into a kind of style. One of his decisions can determine the life and death of himself, Li Shuangmu, and even many people. What a grace! Compared with the current Li Shuangmu, he has become a bereaved dog struggling to survive.
“Perhaps, as he wished, it is not a bad thing to survive this crisis.”
Suddenly, this thought flashed through Leng Huaping’s mind, and he immediately became excited and broke out in a cold sweat.
“How could I have such an idea? I can’t, I can’t betray him, I can’t.” Leng Huaping’s shoulders trembled, and his mind turned around. “But if not, we will definitely die! He is still unwilling to surrender to him.” Japan compromised. He said he would protect me, but now he can’t protect himself, how can he protect me! I’m just protecting myself, what’s wrong? That’s how colleges and universities are! If you want to blame him, blame himself! Yes! I didn’t Wrong. As long as we get through this crisis, we can at most keep that guy Yin Kuang a secret.”
However, Leng Huaping didn’t think about it. If it wasn’t to deal with Li Shuangmu, how could he target her? Although she is a beauty, there is never a shortage of her in colleges and universities, not to mention that he already has two stunning beauties by his side. How could he agree to keep it secret?
Just as Leng Huaping was struggling in his heart, Li Shuangmu’s voice rang out, “Huaping? Huaping!”
“Ah!” Leng Huaping was startled. When he saw it was Li Shuangmu, he quickly calmed down and said with a smile, “You are back?”
/Li Shuangmu looked at Leng Huaping with a pair of bright eyes, which made her feel embarrassed, “What’s wrong with you? Why are you covered in sweat? Do you have a cold?” ”
No!” Leng Huaping calmed down, smiled slightly, and said: ” I just practiced swordplay for a while and lost track of time. Have you finished handling your affairs over there?”
“Yeah. Almost.”
“That’s good.” Leng Huaping said, “Oh, I’ll go freshen up first. Wash off the sweat on your body.”
“Okay. Haven’t you eaten yet? You go take a shower first. I’ll cook.”
Leng Huaping paused and said, “Okay.” After that, he ran into the bathroom.
Li Shuangmu watc

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