Leng Huaping had no intention of leaving the class. However, Wang Ning wanted to leave at first. , but was persuaded by Li Shuangmu.”


Leng Huaping had no intention of leaving the class. However, Wang Ning wanted to leave at first. , but was persuaded by Li Shuangmu.”
Yin Kuang nodded. He also doesn’t think Li Shuangmu will leave Class 1237. After all, these are classes that have gone through a lot of hard work to establish and develop, and they are still excellent classes. No one is willing to leave just yet. Especially according to Li Shuangmu’s temperament, he would rather take the opportunity to completely control Class 1237.
Qian Qianqian said, making tea, and continued: “The news about the heavy casualties in our class has been spread. Many people are watching our jokes. The other three excellent classes are all coming to our class.” Yin Kuang frowned After picking it up, “What to do?” Qian Qianqian sighed and said, “What else can we do? We are all carrying big shovels to dig corners. Especially Du Kangan, who was in Zhu Tong’s class, almost got into a fight over the cold painting screen. ”
Yin Kuang pursed his lips, a little helpless, “Where are Pan Longtao and Zeng Fei?” Qian Qianqian said: “They refused. But Tan Shengge, Zhu Tong and the others did not give up. They have lobbied several times. Although they have I haven’t changed my mind, but with the current situation in the class, I’m afraid they can’t help but poach them.” ”
Didn’t Li Shuangmu persuade him to stay?”
“He only persuaded Wang Ning. I’ve never seen him persuade Pan Longtao or Zeng Fei. . I don’t know secretly.” Qian Qianqian handed the brewed hot tea to Yin Kuang and said softly, “Oh, yesterday Li Shuangmu said that he was preparing to expand enrollment. He has already started to build momentum. Our announcement was announced in the university forum. The situation of the first exam. Today, I haven’t seen anyone pointing fingers or laughing at us anymore. Many people have come to me and said they want to join.”
Yin Kuang nodded indifferently.
Indeed, even though Class 1237 was almost disabled, the scene in their exam was S-level difficult! This alone can shut the mouths of most people. With the strength of Class 1237, the elite class has suffered heavy losses. Can another class be better? I’m just afraid that “Amitabha” will happen if the group is not wiped out. How can we hope to complete the mission? Therefore, those who ridiculed and insinuated Class 1237 were as if they had eaten flies all of a sudden and felt extremely uncomfortable.
Class 1237 is currently short of personnel and is in urgent need of new recruits. In this way, Li Shuangmu only needs to announce the exam results to build momentum. There must be a large number of people rushing to class 1237!
Li Shuangmu is so calculating!
/The old man is gone. And new people who join must definitely obtain his consent. In this way, his status in Class 1237 will be untouchable!
/What was helpless for Yin Kuang was that even though he knew that Li Shuangmu was about to take absolute control of Class 1237, he could only watch helplessly. In Yin Kuang’s heart, Senior Chongming’s actions are far more i

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