ang and the others away.


ang and the others away.
However, when he appeared at the other end of the teleportation array, he met an acquaintance. Of course, Yin Kuang was an acquaintance to him, but it was quite a lot to “Elsir”. It was Yuna and Shirley, the two beautiful elves who had entertained Yin Kuang before. It’s not correct to say they encountered each other, because the two elves were still working overtime. Yin Kuang only glanced at them and left with Lian Nishang and Mei Lulu.
/On the contrary, the sweet and lovely Yuna elf kept staring at the backs of Yin Kuang and Mei Lulu. Shirley teased: “Little Yuna, don’t you look down on that aristocratic young master? Why are you always staring at him? You don’t regret it, right? It’s too late to catch up now.” Yuna said: “Sister Shirley What are you talking about? I just feel strange. The man and his maid just gave me a familiar feeling. But the female knight didn’t. It’s so strange.” Shirley said: “Yuna, you can’t Are you tired?” Yuna also said uncertainly: “Maybe so.”
Soon, Yin Kuang and the others left Luye Town and disappeared completely like a suckling swallow falling into the forest or water into the sea. Because of the elf princess’s presence, Yin Kuang decided to drill into areas with dense vegetation. In this way, unless the Elf Queen searches for them personally, it is simply a dream to detect the whereabouts of Yin Kuang and the others. Because all animals and plants will help the Elf Princess hide her whereabouts.
/But just when Yin Kuang and others were far away from Ruilhai, it was the busiest time in the upper level of Ruilhai. Think about it, the crowded square can barely accommodate a hair, the flowers and green leaves flying in the sky, and the wonderful music played by various elven instruments. In fashionable words: this is a very warm wedding!
As time goes by, the wedding gradually reaches its climax. Because one of the protagonists of the wedding, the most noble and dazzling Princess Merulu, finally appeared slowly at this time. The hero of the wedding has been waiting under the statue of the Goddess of Light for quite some time.
The highest authority of the entire Elf clan, the epic Elf King, the Elf Queen is sitting high on her throne, holding the Queen’s symbol “The Scepter of Life”. She exuded an awe-inspiring and inviolable majesty, which made everyone who saw her feel the urge to die for her.
However, when the elf queen, who had always been indifferent, saw the elf princess, her forehead that exuded the holy light frowned slightly, and then a green light flashed in her eyes. It doesn’t matter if you don’t look at it, as soon as you look at it, the Elf Queen stood up with a “swish” sound.
If both parties are the protagonists of a wedding, the Elf Queen is the protagonist’s mother! Therefore, every move of the Elf Queen affects the entire audience. As soon as she stood up, the originally bustling square suddenly became quiet.
Under the gaze of countless eyes, the Elf Queen stepped down from the throne, walked in front of the Elf Princess with stea

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re was any further hesitation, no one would be able to leave.

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