knew that the little boss really didn’t care about these courtesy etiquette.


knew that the little boss really didn’t care about these courtesy etiquette.
When the beggar’s chicken was delivered on the tray, the layer of mud on the outside had not been removed.
Han Xuan asked the waiter for a small copper hammer and cracked it gently, and the fragrance immediately spread.
The dry mud clattered onto the tray, revealing the lotus leaves at the bottom.
It is different from the original beggar’s chicken, where mud is directly applied to the surface of the feathers.
/The beggar’s chicken in front of you is wrapped in several layers of lotus leaves after being processed, and then wrapped in a layer of black mud.
Be cleaner and hygienic.
People at the next tables smelled the smell, stretched their necks to watch Han Xuan’s movements, called the waiter over, and asked him what he was eating.
After learning how to make beggar’s chicken, I kept saying it was interesting. Even though some people were already full, they wanted to take a piece to take away.
People who dare to eat at MEET restaurant are not short of money. They are usually tired of eating lobster and steak. These Chinese dishes have a special flavor in their eyes.
Han Xuan used chopsticks to peel off the lotus leaves, and the golden and shiny roast chicken was exposed to the air. The aroma became stronger, with the alluring smell unique to the lotus leaves.
Seeing the bulging belly of the chicken, he asked the Chinese chef standing at the table: “What are those inside?” ”
Cooked rice, and some lean meat cubes. We have a dish in Taiwan called Wing Stuffed Rice. It feels like eating chicken alone. It’s boring, so I added that method to the beggar’s chicken. Do you want to taste it?”
/“Okay.” Han Xuan picked up the spoon, scooped some rice from the belly of the chicken and put it into the bowl. After eating it, his eyes lit up. , gave a thumbs up and praised: “It’s very fragrant!”
The chef said with a smile: “I added special chicken juice and seasonings. I experimented hundreds of times before I was satisfied. Americans also like it. Simple rice doesn’t have this taste.”
Anthony and Dawson have long been salivating with greed. Although Eastern and Western people have different eating habits, their understanding of fragrance is the same.
The alluring smell made them salivate. Compared with Western food, which pays attention to exquisite appearance and original taste of ingredients, Chinese food is countless times more fragrant.
At the table next to her, there was a girl who was only four or five years old. She was attracted by the aroma of food that she had never smelled before. She held a spoon and turned her head blankly, saliva flowing from the corner of her mouth.
Her mother helped clean it up and made some beef soup to feed her. The girl shut her mouth and turned her head hard, pointing at the beggar’s chicken: “I want that!”
Han Xuan was happy to see Hou, picked up a clean small bowl, and dug into it. She gestured to the waiter to give some rice to her.
The girl was also sweet-tongued and said thank

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