t’s the matter?” “


t’s the matter?” ”
Give Dawson the walkie-talkie. I have something to ask him about.”
/“I’m here, boss.”
“Did you see those five people singing in the square? Help me ask them if they have signed a contract with a record company. If not, I will sign them.”
Han Xuan was holding the walkie-talkie, waiting for Dawson to reply. Unexpectedly, his face suddenly appeared at the window. When he saw it from the corner of his eye, he was startled. He patted his chest and opened the window. seam.
Dawson leaned down and asked him: “You still have a record company? What’s its name?”
“Black Hole Records, I just bought it not long ago. Come on, go on, they are leaving.”
From a distance, he saw Dawson talking to the Backstreet Boys. A few people talked, and after a while, he came over alone.
Dawson opened the door and got into the passenger seat and turned around: “We are late, boss. This group just signed a contract with JIVE Records last month. They will go to the UK after the members who are in high school complete the suspension of study procedures. Development. I left your business card to them, promising that Black Hole Records will give double the benefits that JIVE can give. If these children are not stupid, they should call you.” Han
Xuan shook his head, “JIVE Records is more famous than There are so many black holes. Before I bought Black Hole Records, I originally planned to buy JIVE. But JIVE’s parent company in the UK did not intend to sell. A good record company is more important to them than money, so they may not agree.” ”
/Then then. Acquire a record company?”
“No, it’s boring to buy an existing company. You send someone to buy the Backstreet Boys’ contract from JIVE at a high price. This group is not famous, so JIVE will probably sell it. And then Help Black Hole Records, recruit some top music producers, and buy the best equipment. Rent a recording studio for the company temporarily, and wait until my grandpa’s Stark Tower is built, then move Black Hole Records into it.”
“I’ve written it down.”
Dawson knew the little boss’s nature. He did everything based on his interest, he was extremely casual, and he still made money.
Just as he was sighing in his heart that God was really unfair, a winter thunder suddenly sounded in the sky. Dawson suddenly raised his head in fear, stretched out his hand to make the sign of the cross, and murmured: “Heavenly Father, please forgive me for my mistakes.”
Han Xuan looked like a fool. Looking at Dawson, he patted Anya on the shoulder, took off his shoes and sat down cross-legged, and said shamelessly: “I just thought of a song called “As Long as You Love Me”. Give me five dollars and I will sing it to you. Listen.”
Anya stared at him. She had experienced that kind of noise before and had a deep memory. She shook her head slowly: “I’ll give you ten yuan, can you stop singing?”
“No, I’ll give you twenty, and you listen to me sing.”
“Okay, wait until I block my ears.”
Han Xuan is a self-aware person, and after all, he has no nerve to sing out.

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