magnetic sniper rifle he exchanged at a high price, Zeng Fei watched their every move.


magnetic sniper rifle he exchanged at a high price, Zeng Fei watched their every move.
/“It’s just as Yin Kuang expected. You guys really can’t wait. Even if Yin Kuang wants to muddy the water, he will have to wait for a while. You’d better do it that night. Humph! Let’s see what you can do. You moth. If you dare to mess around, my bullets will fly into your foreheads!”
Zeng Fei was full of confidence in his sniping skills at this time. In college, he was often silent. In terms of presence, he is the same as Wang Ning. You can hardly notice his presence without speaking. It’s not that Zeng Fei likes to keep a low profile, but he spends all his energy on how to improve his marksmanship. Through constant practice, constant summarization, and constant thinking, Zeng Fei’s sniping level improved day by day.
If you ask why Zeng Fei is so focused on improving his marksmanship, the reason is naturally to survive. But more importantly, Zeng Fei loves this profession! That’s right, it’s a career! The fanatical love and obsession for sniping that seemed to spread from the cells in his bones made Zeng Fei unable to hold the gun in his hand, pull the trigger, and shoot the target with his own bullets.
In his mind, the figure lying motionless in the tropical grass for two consecutive days is the goal he will always pursue!
/With a sneer, Zeng Fei pressed the headset in his ear holes and said: “Everyone, please pay attention, rats are crossing the street. There are five rats in total. They are located in the southeast, northwest and four directions. I don’t know what they are going to do.”
“Zishashahe!” Just waiting for them.” Bai Lu’s evil voice came out from the headset.
“Copy that!” This was Hong Zhong’s voice.
“Zeng Fei, don’t take action yet, pay close attention to their actions. Also, check to see if there is anyone else around. I believe that since 1207 has decided to take action, he must have backup plans.” Tang Rouyu always thinks better than others. The ones are deeper.
Because they have suffered from being unable to communicate with each other many times, everyone in Class 1237 has been equipped with wireless headsets. Wireless headsets produced by “college universities” are naturally extraordinary, with both technology and quality to speak of. Each button-sized headset can continuously emit radio waves. Each wireless headset emits radio waves covering a spherical range of 100 meters in diameter. As long as the radio waves of the two headsets are in contact with each other, they can talk to each other.
Zeng Fei said: “Okay.” After listening to Tang Rouyu’s instructions, Zeng Fei also felt that he was a little careless, only paying attention to those five people and ignoring other places. So, he turned the smart optical sight and scanned the situation around the inn. Through the scope, Zeng Fei saw a miserable green scene. At the same time, in the pale green world, there were red and yellow humanoid flares one after another. These were the heat sensing devices built into the scope. Any creature that c

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re was any further hesitation, no one would be able to leave.

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