anilovic have overlapping positions, but their playing styles not only do not conflict, but also complement each other!


anilovic have overlapping positions, but their playing styles not only do not conflict, but also complement each other!
Danilovic’s movement on the weak side, Ginobili directly broke through Prigioni, reached the free throw line and passed the ball to the left.
Prigioni interfered with his left hand.
But Ginobili collected the ball and took a long stride.
Another Eurostep!
His move is almost incomprehensible!
Garbajosa came to help defend from the basket and blocked Ginobili’s shot.
He judged this ball very accurately.
Ginobili made a huge gliding throw in the air.
Garbajosa’s block hit Ginobili’s hand.
The referee whistle blows.
/Thug foul!
Although the ball didn’t go in, Ginobili showed his flexibility and got two free throw opportunities.
Amazing talent!
After the ball of life and death, the scene gradually became quiet.
Ginobili adjusted his breathing.
Fans at the scene could hear their hearts pounding.
Didn’t make it!
There was a commotion in the place.
The pressure of this game is too great!
If it weren’t for Ginobili’s outstanding performance tonight, many people would have forgotten that he is only 22 years old.
He caught his breath and rocked his hips from side to side.
Bologna and Vitus lead 71 to 70!
Real Madrid called a timeout.
After the timeout, Real Madrid played a high double pick-and-roll.
Prigioni broke through inside.
His breakthroughs are not as varied as Ginobili’s, but they are better than his dexterity.
After successfully attracting help from the inside, he thought clearly and passed a close pass to Garbajosa.
Nice pass.
And the idea of ????this shot is very clear, which is to attack the basket and score two points to gain the lead.
By the time he was sure of it, the Bologna Vitus team’s inside line had already returned to defense. His back hook was interfered with, and the basketball hit the frame!
The Bologna Vitus center forward swatted the ball out of bounds.
Real Madrid’s offense is ruined!
And they already have no timeouts.
Russo looked up at the time, there were 15 seconds left, and Real Madrid had 10 seconds left to attack.
There are no timeouts, so it’s up to the players themselves.
Sun Hao took Prigioni and whispered for a while.
Real Madrid’s sideline kick came out, and Prigioni held the ball at the top of the arc and directed.
Sun Hao cut in and out, using Garbajosa’s cover to run to the right three-point line.
Prigioni passes the ball ahead of time.
The ball was passed beautifully, but Ginobili’s move around the pick-and-roll was even more beautiful. He made a snake-like move and managed to avoid the pick-and-roll.
However, Sun Hao did not wait for the pass, but took the initiative to run in the direction of the ball.
Sun Hao and Ginobili, these two people have the same basketball IQ!
Sun Hao took the initiative to catch the ball, which opened the distance between him and Ginobili, but his position of receiving the ball also became wider.
It was originally the three

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