the sidelines also turned on.


the sidelines also turned on.
The fans at the scene felt their hearts in their throats.
Because the person who took the shot was Sun Hao, they had witnessed many winning scenes.
The only difference is that Sun Hao used to wear a Mavericks jersey, but now Sun Hao wears a Lakers jersey!
A crisp sound echoed in the arena!
The final result is the same as what the fans at the scene have seen before!
Kobe didn’t seize the opportunity, but Sun Hao did!
The Lakers defeated the Mavericks 103-100!
Nowitzki’s expression is very helpless!
The pain of working hard all night but losing in the last round.
Maybe you can only know it by experiencing it.
In fact, it’s not like he has never encountered such a score or such a moment before.
/It’s just that the team had Sun Hao at that time, and Sun Hao could always help the team win the game at critical moments.
But now, he can only watch Kobe beat the iron and be taken advantage of.
He calmed down and walked to Kobe to comfort him.
“We just lost one regular season game, and we have beaten them before.”
Although he was not in a good mood, he still had to comfort others.
Nowitzki is still the considerate Nowitzki when he was with Sun Hao.
On the other side of the court, O’Neal and other Lakers players were cheering around Sun Hao!
Nowitzki’s sudden outburst almost staged a shocking reversal, but Sun Hao’s key ball performance saved the Lakers.
Also saved O’Neal.
He really needs this win!
At the press conference after the game, O’Neal blew Sun Hao to the sky.
“Among the players I have played with, Sun has the most killer temperament. He makes me feel like playing with Michael.” ”
And I no longer have to watch my partner take action like before. Sun’s His key-ball ability was proven when he was in Dallas.”
Of course, what should be blackened still needs to be blackened.
Sun Hao smiled helplessly and shook his head.
History is happening. During this period, O’Neal and Kobe were blatantly attacking each other without any reservations.
“Shaq’s blocking at critical moments helped us. I think that’s why Phil insisted on keeping him on the court.”
Sun Hao, of course, also had a wave of commercial exchanges.
Sun Hao’s words also made O’Neal burst into laughter.
He couldn’t even imagine such a comfortable life in the past few years!
Compared with the mutual bragging atmosphere after the Lakers game, the Mavericks’ press conference immediately afterwards was a bit dull.
Especially Kobe, he felt cold tonight, making only 9 of 30 shots. During the game, he missed 9 consecutive shots and scored 24 points on free throws.
Such performance is obviously failing.
Nowitzki originally wanted to say as he did before the end that this game was not Kobe’s responsibility alone and that they had to play better.
But what Kobe said to reporters made him instantly shut down.
“Why do you think the team lost tonight?”
“It’s my problem. I missed too many shots that I should have made, including the final layup. There is no doubt that

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