No matter how good Howard and Daniels are, their stability cannot compare with Bodiloga and Curry.
This is also a problem Johnson needs to solve in the new season.
The good news is that this is just the preseason, and there is still a long season for him to adjust.
/But in this kind of game, Yi Jianlian once again performed amazingly. He once again scored 17 points and 7 rebounds!
Although it is only a preseason game, the performance in these two games is fully worthy of his status as the No. 5 pick of the Platinum Generation.
After the China game, both teams returned to the United States to continue their preseason journey.
Although the changes in the lineup have made the team’s stability slightly worse than last season, the Mavericks’ strength shown in the preseason is still very strong.
In contrast, the performance of Lakers F4 was somewhat ups and downs.
Especially Kobe and that kind of feud between Kobe and O’Neal.
This past summer was extremely difficult for Kobe.
He was approved for arrest, then appeared in court to deny the crime, and then his wife Vasani suffered a miscarriage, but still stood by him and supported him unswervingly.
Until now, the Eagle County incident has not ended, and he basically has to cooperate with the investigation every other day. One can imagine his personal state.
And the words he said in the summer, “Shaq did it too,” caused a complete break between him and O’Neal.
Before, they were just a seemingly inseparable OK group, but this season they have basically had zero communication.
This situation has also made the outside world re-examine the strength of the Lakers and the possibility of the Mavericks defending their title.
It’s even impossible to predict who will win this season’s championship.
This has definitely been the most complicated season in nearly a decade.
It is against this background that the NBA 2003~2004 season begins.
The Mavericks’ opponent in the opening game is the Nuggets.
Stern’s schedule will definitely not disappoint fans.
After James said he wanted to challenge Sun Hao in the draft, the schedule has been arranged.
Coupled with the huge contracts signed by James and Nike, Sun Hao and Adidas in the summer, No. 23 vs. No. 95 has become a game that fans are looking forward to.
There is no such thing as step-by-step, and the most exciting one will be arranged for you at the beginning of the game!
This game received a full 80% of the votes in the “Opening Game You Most Want to See” survey conducted by ESPN.
The much-anticipated game.
Here I want to mention the operation of the Nuggets this summer.
In this year in history, the Nuggets signed former Clippers “Mok” Andre Miller in the free market and used him to partner with Anthony.
Anthony is a scorer, paired with Miller as a passer, the two are very compatible, and historically they also made the playoffs this year.
But now history has changed, and Miller has not been able to come to the Nuggets.
The reason is also very simple. James’s technical char

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