Needless to say, he must be here for Sun Hao.


Needless to say, he must be here for Sun Hao.
After the Athens Olympics, Sun Hao went home and then went to Los Angeles.
At most, Sun Hao and Kupchak will meet in Los Angeles in a few days.
But now it seems that the general manager of the Lakers can’t wait.
The pre-match warm-up is over, and the starters from both sides are coming on stage one after another.
For the Chinese team, Sun Hao, Li Nan, Zhu Fangyu, Yi Jianlian, and Yao Ming.
Harris used this starting lineup very smoothly and the effect was very good.
For the Argentina team, Prigioni, Ginobili, Delfino, Scola, Oberto.
In addition, there are Nocioni and Herman on the bench.
Sun Hao looked over and saw all old acquaintances.
These 7 people have all played in the NBA in history, and they have all played on the main roster.
So if you really look back in history, Argentina’s victory this year was not accidental like Greece’s later, but it was really strong.
Oberto and Yi Jianlian’s jump ball.
Yi Jianlian jumped high and moved the ball back to the Chinese team’s half, giving the Chinese team another opportunity to attack first.
At this time, some fans in domestic forums couldn’t help but wonder how comfortable it would be if Yi Jianlian could play with Nash.
Insiders, especially those who can run and jump, are the happiest thing to meet a passing master.
Nash is to Stoudemire, Kidd is to Kenyon Martin, and even Paul is to Tyson Chandler and DeAndre Jordan, etc.
When the fans were YY, Sun Hao and Yi Jianlian cooperated in pick-and-roll in the frontcourt, and the Argentine team double-teamed.
Sun Hao accurately lobbed the ball to Yi Jianlian. Yi Jianlian rushed into the inside and made a gliding two-hand slam just before Oberto could return to defense!
The momentum was so great that he swung around the rim after dunking.
The envy in the eyes of the Greek fans at the scene could not be hidden.
This yellow man is really different from their impressions. He is really capable of dancing.
The Chinese team takes the lead!
But immediately, Ginobili used his signature snake-like breakthrough to reach the penalty area, avoiding Yao Ming’s block and scoring.
Reunited after a long absence, Ginobili has a strong desire.
The Chinese team failed to attack in the frontcourt. Looking back, it was Ginobili again.
He used Oberto’s screen to cut back to the three-point line, received Prigioni’s pass and stepped back to shoot a three-pointer.
The basketball was spinning towards the basket as if it had a scope on it.
Three points fell into the bag!
Ginobili not only has a strong desire, but is also in a fiery state!
In the history of the Argentine team, in addition to its own outstanding strength, it is also possible to win against the US team because of Ginobili’s magical performance.
He scored 29 points in that game. After the game, the media used a very classic sentence to describe it:
“Jordan is playing in jersey No. 20.”
Ginobili’s opening state tonight was a bit like that.
Yao Ming responded to the free th

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