ebellious gangsters in Galli Green first!”


ebellious gangsters in Galli Green first!”
“You are too messy. What if we really fight? Maybe both of us will die. Here!” Lian Nishang said worriedly after leaving the castle. Because even she felt a little uneasy in that golden palace. Yin Kuang smiled calmly and said: “Now you should know what kind of life I live, right?”
“Yin, you have to remember that your life is not yours alone! I will not allow you to do such life-threatening things again. !” Lian Nishang stopped in front of Yin Kuang and said seriously. Yin Kuang smiled and said: “Are you concerned about me?” Lian Nishang said: “I care about Zhuo Yihang.” Yin Kuang showed a bitter look on his face and said sadly: “What you said is really hurtful. .”
“Humph” Lian Nishang snorted coldly and stopped talking. Then the moment she took a small step, her body stopped, “Hurry up! We’re surrounded!” A consciousness suddenly entered Yin Kuang’s mind, and at the same time he reached out and grabbed Yin Kuang’s hand. With his hand, he will use the magical power of “shrinking the ground into an inch” to leave. However, this time, as the surrounding space swayed like water waves, the “shrinking to an inch” actually failed!
A cheerful and proud smile suddenly came from all directions like a tide, which made people feel very uncomfortable.
As he remembered this laughter, Yin Kuang couldn’t react: he had made a mistake in his calculations. The people at Xishen University had long known his purpose, and now he was surrounded!
At the same time, a familiar feeling also poured into Yin Kuang’s heart: Long Ming is here! And Yin Kuang can be sure that Long Ming is now located in the narrow space of this world.
There is a “magic circle” in the surface space, and the teleportation scrolls of space-type magical powers are completely ineffective. And there is another Long Ming waiting for an opportunity in the space slit, and the risk of using the escaping technique is too great.
This is really bad.
Yin Kuang smiled bitterly in his heart. He didn’t understand where he went wrong. Since entering the Holy Light Continent, he has taken every step very carefully, trying not to expose any flaws. However, just when he thought everything was still under his control, he was suddenly surrounded by enemies. Doesn’t this mean that all of his actions are under the control of Xishen University?
For Yin Kuang, this is like pouring cold water on him!
“You must be very curious, you can’t believe it, right? Why did we recognize you? Why did we know that you would come to the Kane Imperial Capital? Or even know that you would take this road to leave the Imperial Capital?” Tagore came from the jungle on the side He walked out with a proud sneer on his face. At the same time, an unmanned team also came out from each of the other three directions.
/It is worth mentioning that the team of female knight Yuna is also among them.
Tagore looked at Yin Kuang with the eyes of two dying insects, and gradually his face became ferocious, and said: “What a pity,

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