ike this, the Celtics’ defense has indeed reached a certain level.


ike this, the Celtics’ defense has indeed reached a certain level.
Back from the timeout, the final attack of the game.
The Lakers used a starburst tactic, and Sun Hao successfully used the screen to come out to catch the ball.
At this time, the Lakers were one point behind, and a two-point play was the best option.
However, Phil Jackson arranged a surprise and let Sun Hao shoot a three-pointer.
Sun Hao dribbled away, but just when he was about to collect the ball with the last dribble, he felt that the ball’s rebound height was obviously lower than expected.
He had Millsap staring at the floor before the game.
Millsap did exactly that, writing down the spot where Hill was hit.
But Sun Hao didn’t expect that the Celtics would arrange two pieces, one for each half!
This was completely out of character, and Sun Hao was careless and had no time to dodge.
Don’t underestimate this impact. Someone like Hill who has been around for many years can directly make dribbling errors.
Sun Hao’s ability to throw the ball without preparation is already good enough.
However, it is too difficult to hit the winning goal under such circumstances.
The basketball finally jumped out of the frame, and the Lakers lost by one point.
“There’s a problem there! There’s a problem there!”
Millsap shouted excitedly to the referee.
It’s just a pity that his behavior was not ignored by the referee.
Otherwise, you would think that this trick has been tried and tested by the Celtics and has been passed down to this day.
The Green Army fans at the scene were celebrating, but the Lakers players had already turned around and left the field.
At the press conference after the game, Sun Hao, who scored a game-high 29 points, and O’Neal, who had 20 rebounds, attended the press conference together.
“Will this game have a negative impact on the team’s morale?”
a reporter asked Sun Hao.
“Are you serious?”
Sun Hao looked at the reporter with a smile.
Will a late-season game result hurt the team’s morale?
You said it is possible that this will give the Celtics a little more confidence in their own strength.
But the Lakers actually didn’t feel much.
Very simple, just like the previous Wizards-Lakers game, the Wizards will not be demoralized by losing the game.
Because the score was very close, it was only one or two goals.
This reflects not the strength of the two teams, but luck.
If you really want to talk about strength and weakness, you have to play a series to know.
What’s more, the Lakers have tactical reservations in this game.
Phil Jackson doesn’t want to reveal his cards too early in the regular season.
Of course, Sun Hao didn’t mention the floor problem.
The Celtics built a floor in their frontcourt, and they worked hard to avoid launching attacks there.
“Charles lost $100,000 because of this game.”
A reporter reminded Sun Hao.
“Tell Charles that I will pay the money for him.”
Sun Hao was very happy.
“But I hope he won’t bet with Larry next time. Who can win under Larry?”
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