hesitated and chose to take a mid-range shot.


hesitated and chose to take a mid-range shot.
There was a clear sound of iron striking.
Yao Ming is not someone who underestimates his opponent. He and Bogut are both in the East. He often faces off against Bogut, knowing that the latter has no shooting ability.
/This time, he shrank to the basket early, jumped up and easily grabbed a defensive rebound.
Australia scored 4 points in a row at the beginning, but the Chinese team couldn’t defend this period!
When the Chinese team entered the frontcourt, Sun Hao repeated his old trick and once again started a pick-and-roll with Yao Ming. This time he separated and walked out.
Just when the Australian team’s defense was restrained by him, he made another blind pass to the bottom corner.
Zhu Fangyu catches the ball and shoots like a shooting machine.
The ball traces a perfect parabola in the air.
With a crisp sound, the basketball hit the net!
It has to be said that as a fixed-point shooter, Zhu Fangyu’s current ability is considered to be at the top even in the NBA!
“Three-point rain!”
Su Qun shouted Zhu Fangyu’s nickname again in the broadcast booth.
The Chinese fans at the scene also burst into cheers.
This three points is very comfortable to watch.
It turns out that Zhu Fangyu is not only good at boxing, but also good at hitting the ball!
On the court, Sun Hao expressed his gratitude to Zhu Fangyu after he hit consecutive three-pointers!
Bogut felt himself vomiting blood.
This guy Sun Hao definitely did it on purpose!
Everyone knows what happened between him and Zhu Fangyu, but tonight Sun Hao kept passing the ball to Zhu Fangyu!
/And the current situation on the court.
4 to 8!
After the Australian team made a fantastic start, the Chinese team immediately hit a wave of 8-0!
The scene is no longer the time for him to consider whether he can win a small victory or a big victory.
If the Australian team can no longer score, then he should consider whether it is a loss or a big defeat.
When he reached the frontcourt, he signaled to Bruton again, and the two started a pick-and-roll at the free throw line.
The difference is that this time he cut directly inside after completing the pick-and-roll.
Bogut held his breath after catching the ball and stood up directly.
Look at that posture, either you want to buckle or buckle!
But just when he got up, Yao Ming had retreated to the basket and attacked from the side.
Bogut dunked onto the basket without losing any force, but the ball in his hand was gone!
Yao Ming slapped the ball out of the court!
This block is so beautiful!
After blocking the shot, Yao Ming roared out of habit.
Bogut’s face turned green.
He held back his energy and wanted to help the team score more points, but he didn’t expect that one hit and the other was taken.
This is uncomfortable!
A line-out for Australia.
There was not much time left to attack, and the morale of the team was blocked. Bogut made a mistake while being possessed by “Po

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