ckboard and fell into the net bag.


ckboard and fell into the net bag.
Jordan’s strong 2+1, and more!
The fans at the scene stood up and cheered and screamed.
They are witnessing the return of God!
Sun Hao looked very helpless at this time.
The 38-year-old Jordan had already scored 16 points in a single quarter. It was still his first game back and he was still exhausted.
Who can I talk to to explain this?
Jordan was pulled up from the ground by Hamilton and Yao Ming.
He didn’t do anything to celebrate after getting up, but took several deep breaths in succession.
Just as Sun Hao thought, he was indeed relying on willpower to persevere.
Seeing his state, Hamilton probably wanted to persuade him to take a rest.
But the result was a direct death stare from Jordan.
Jordan went to the free throw line, took a breath and then added another penalty.
21 to 15, the Wizards widened the point difference to 6 points.
The situation began to tilt in the Wizards’ favor.
You have to admit that Jordan’s willpower is enough to change the balance of victory.
His age will change, but this willpower will not.
Sun Hao, keep asking for the ball from the frontcourt!
And he continued to call Finley to pick and roll him!
Keep playing Jordan!
What, Jordan’s willpower is very strong?
Then he has to tell Jordan a reality.
People have to obey old age.
All the fans at the scene were standing up to watch.
The ageless Jordan and the disobedient Sun Hao.
Watching this scene makes people burst with adrenaline.
Three threats, probing step, accelerating breakthrough with one step, pulling back the crotch, fake throw and real breakthrough.
His physical energy was exhausted, and Jordan’s footwork was obviously not as good as before.
Sun Hao accelerated past Jordan again.
Before Jordan retreated to defend, he made a sudden mid-range shot.
His new way to score!
The speed is slower, the arc is higher, and the rhythm is stronger.
Taught by Jordan!
The sweat and hard work of the past summer have paid off.
After Sun Hao squeezed past Jordan, he took a mid-range shot and hit!
There was a commotion in the place.
Sun Hao’s ball broke the defense directly and cleanly.
Collins called Jordan at this time, and then looked back at the bench.
There are not too many words, but the meaning goes without saying.
He was asking Jordan if he wanted to rest.
Jordan waved his hand.
Older people also have more temper than younger people.
When he arrived in the frontcourt, Jordan didn’t call a pick-and-roll this time. He directly took the ball and hit Sun Hao with his back.
The two continued to collide.
Sun Hao could feel that Jordan’s strength had obviously weakened.
He had never had an advantage in previous confrontations, but this time he was able to withstand it.
/Jordan turned around to get up.
Sun Hao made a lightning move and cut the ball from Jordan’s hand!
It was too late for Jordan to snatch it back.
Sun Hao galloped towards the frontcourt in one line.
No one

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