o buy a mobile phone.”


o buy a mobile phone.”
Fernandez said helplessly.
Usually they usually meet at the entrance of the training hall at seven o’clock in the morning. Today, he waited for a long time and Sun Hao didn’t come.
Unable to contact him, he had no choice but to run over and look for her.
“Then we have to wait a little longer. I just bought this thing.”
Sun Hao pointed to the computer he just bought.
Electronic products in this era are very backward, which is especially uncomfortable for Sun Hao, a person who has been used to smart electronic products since time travel.
In his time, many people fantasized about traveling back to ancient times to live.
But in ancient times, there were no electronic products or the Internet, and even the simplest basic necessities of life, food, clothing, housing and transportation were so backward that it could drive people crazy.
At this point, Sun Hao has fully experienced it.
The big ass computer and the snail’s speed of the Internet were driving him crazy, let alone the mobile phone.
In 1997, 2G mobile phones had only been released for two years. Not to mention Apple, Nokia had just emerged.
On the one hand, he is not interested in that kind of mobile phone, and on the other hand, it is indeed expensive as he said.
Equivalent to 10,000 to 20,000 RMB, he really couldn’t afford the computer he had just spent all his money on.
His family also has a computer, but his parents are very strict and don’t let him play with it. Unexpectedly, Sun Hao actually bought one himself!
Sun Hao smiled instantly when he saw Fernandez’s reaction.
Although he is emotionally precocious, Fernandez is still only a 12-year-old child after all.
Children have very weak resistance to electronic products.
“This is a basketball forum?”
/After Fernandez sat down, he saw the things on Sun Hao’s computer and started browsing curiously while talking.
“These guys really can never be satisfied.”
After watching it for a while, he couldn’t help complaining.
Sun Hao went over curiously.
Fernandez knew Sun Hao’s Spanish proficiency and translated for him directly.
Sabonis’ achievements in La Liga are among the best, which is similar to comparing him to Jordan in the NBA.
Some fans posted website links. On the home page of Spanish sports media, Sun Hao was directly called “Mr. 81 points”!
Those who are blowing are blowing hard, but there are also many doubters.
The reason for doubt is naturally the intensity of the competition.
They believe that the EBA League, as a youth league, is also the lowest level league in Spain, and the data here are actually of no reference significance.
These are the same people Fernandez complained about.
The youth league is also a professional league after all. Even if the level is low, it is not easy to score 81 points.
You must know that Sun Hao’s 81 points are the current single-game scoring record in the EBA League from ancient times to the present.
Sun Hao knew the fans’ comments and couldn’t help laughing.
Scores in lower leagues are i

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