iately, players on both benches joined the battle.


iately, players on both benches joined the battle.
Sun Hao also stood up after seeing it.
He is not afraid of fights in the NBA, so the national team cannot do this without him.
But as soon as he stood up, he was pulled by someone.
“Brother Hao, don’t move. I’ll just go up.”
Sun Hao looked back and saw that it was Zhu Fangyu who spoke.
While he held himself, he also stopped Yao Ming who was getting up.
Then, Sun Hao saw Zhu Fangyu rushing to the field to join the battle group.
According to historical records, Zhu Ba wielded his iron fist, a set of Taizu Changquan, and a set of free kicks. He defeated several Lebanese players in a row and became famous in one battle.
/Basketball fights are not a good thing.
But sometimes he has to fight when he should fight.
Just like the hidden kick Sun Hao used against Ferry in the Western Conference Finals last season.
If you don’t respond, others will just slap you in the face.
Zhu Ba Iron Fist, Li Nan Jun Ti Fist
My right fist opened the sky and transformed into a dragon.
Liu Yudong even got up from the bench to open the way.
The Lebanese team members were beaten so hard that they fled in all directions.
The Chinese men’s basketball team fought vigorously.
In the end, the Lebanese team never had a ball or a fight.
The conflict lasted for more than ten minutes before it was finally calmed down.
After the referee successfully saved the game, at least three people on the Lebanese side had blood on their faces.
Later, the award ceremony was held on site.
The game takes the lead in awarding the best team and most valuable player.
Yao Ming, Wang Zhizhi and Sun Hao were all selected to the best team.
Sun Hao was even elected as the Most Valuable Player.
Even though he was paddling, it couldn’t stop him from being efficient.
Throughout the Asian Championships, he averaged 20.6 points and 6.5 assists per game.
The shooting percentage reached 67% and the three-point shooting percentage was 61%.
And because the Chinese team’s games are basically played in three quarters, Sun Hao’s average data is basically three quarters.
It would be unreasonable not to win the MVP.
After individual honors are awarded, team honors follow immediately.
The Chinese team, the Lebanese team and the South Korean team won gold, silver and bronze medals respectively.
When the awards were presented, only Khatib and a few people came from the Lebanese team.
When they stepped onto the runner-up podium, they were also booed by many fans at the scene.
In a sense, they lost games and people.
When the Chinese team members reached the top podium, the cheers were deafening.
Maybe it was because the fine was inevitable at the end of the fight, but they liked the performance of the Chinese team very much, it was tough enough.
After the award ceremony, what Sun Hao didn’t expect was that Khatib actually came over to congratulate him.
Speaking of which, Khatib was mediating when Zhang Cheng and Walid had a conflict, and he also tried

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