g is now helping people in Sifang, and it is rare for her to come back. You work in Guanghan and rarely come back. Now that you are both here, why don’t you propose a toast to your old classmate? “


Note: Table bag, people over thirty years old probably know what it is. It is an opening in the belt of the pants that is only two or three fingers wide and one middle finger deep, and is specially used to carry small bags for money. At that time, if there were no wallets, everyone would put their money in their watch bag, because the watch bag had a small opening and was close to the stomach, so it would not slip out easily, so it was very safe.
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While he was drinking, Guan Ping, who was sitting next to him, acted like a little wife who cared about her husband. She kept bringing Wang Bo his favorite dishes and filling the earthen bowl of beer when it was empty. He was served with meticulous care, diligence and attentiveness. Wang Bo felt delighted, and the beauty in his heart even surpassed the delicious spicy taste on his mouth.
While the wine was intoxicating, a voice suddenly sounded in his ears: “Guan, Guan Ping, you, are you back?” Wang Bo looked up and saw a young man standing next to Guan Ping shyly. The young man was about 18 or 19 years old, about 1.7 meters tall. He was wearing a pinstriped white shirt on his upper body, a pair of black trousers and a pair of black leather shoes. He was the most fashionable attire for young people in this era. The white shirt is crisp, the black trousers are stretched out, and the black leather shoes are translucent. They have obviously been carefully arranged. Compared with Guan Yongxiang’s white shirt and black trousers, which are as wrinkled as pickles, they are completely different. This kind of attire, combined with the thick eyebrows, big eyes and soft face of the other party, makes him look very gentle and gentle, a bit like a certain literary niche in later generations of movies. Even with Wang Bo’s prejudice, he had to admit that in terms of skin, the other party was much more attractive than him.
Guan Ping was picking up vegetables for Wang Bo. Liao Jun’s sudden greeting made Guan Ping startled on the spot. Her hands shook and a longan on the chopsticks burned white and fell on the table. Guan Ping immediately picked up the longan that fell on the table and put it into Wang Bo’s bowl subconsciously. Before she could stretch her chopsticks, she paused again, turned her head, and put it into her own bowl.
Then, Guan Ping raised her head, glanced at Liao Jun beside her, and said unnaturally: “Yes, yes!” After saying that, she lowered her head, picked up the chopsticks, and gave Wang Bo another longan. Burn it until white and put it

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re was any further hesitation, no one would be able to leave.

He hesitated, and Heshen rushed out after Nan Zhaorong. Murong Cheng followed closely behind, but without saying a word, his speed increased sharply, and he actually caught up from behind. Fly to the front. “A certain family takes the first step! Young Master, Miss, take care!” His face condensed, and his whole body suddenly lit […]