chasing flowers.


chasing flowers.
As long as you don’t disturb the bees, these hard-working little guys don’t have much interest in humans. If you accidentally destroy the nest they have worked so hard to build like Father Han did today, you are asking for trouble.
In the orchard, the flowering period of most of the fruit trees has passed, the cherries are about to mature, and the red fruits are hanging on the branches. There are low blueberry trees all over the mountains and fields, and someone is taking care of them among the trees.
Because he refused to use pesticides and fertilizers, in order to prevent serious insect infestations, Mr. Han followed the advice of experts and raised more than 80,000 chickens in the orchard. In addition, beneficial insects such as dragonflies, mantises, and seven-star ladybugs were also artificially released Many of them are “doctors” in the insect world who can help people maintain the health of crops.
Raised from spring to winter, these chickens can also be sold to the outside world. Their manure can enrich the soil and they do not require much feed, so they cost almost nothing.
/As the Snow Mountain Pasture develops and expands, the hired agriculturalists are trying their best to develop it into a comprehensive ecological pasture. Areas that were not noticed before are also being used to squeeze out every ounce of value.
” In front is the resort, which received a total of more than 400,000 tourists last year. If the transportation was not inconvenient, there would definitely be more tourists willing to come. But this is enough. If my home becomes a tourist attraction with people coming and going, then I will have a headache. .”
Han Xuan pointed to the two twin buildings in the distance and told Puluotuo.
Driving across the wooden bridge, there was someone wearing a life jacket and rowing a rubber boat under the bridge. The water flow was not too fast and it was more fun to play after it rained. He had already played once after returning home.
The boundary between the resort and the ranch is nearby. When every visitor first arrives at the Snow Mountain Ranch, they will be told where they can and cannot go.
Although some people still try to break in, the number is very small. Americans have a very clear concept of what “private territory” is.
Pulutuo didn’t know what more than 400,000 tourists meant, and he couldn’t imagine how many people there were. Recently, he was still like a newborn child, absorbing the knowledge of modern human society and not knowing enough about many things, just like Usually when I listen to the teacher in class, I nodded and pretended to understand.
Of course Han Xuan could understand the meaning of this “hmm” and turned his head and gave him a roll of his eyes. Chatting with Puluotuo was really tiring.
/Horse racing brought a lot of profits to the resort, but there were some gamblers from poor families in the surrounding areas. disciple, fascinated by this activity.
After several incidents, Father Han decided to make a “blacklist” to exclude t

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