d laughing.


d laughing.
With all this, what’s so scary about the unpredictable future?
Wen Liang stretched out his hands and lowered them at the same time, hitting his buttocks with his palms, making a snapping sound, and sang softly: “Endless blood of heroes, endless heads of enemies, here, let me ask who is my rival in the world; sing Endless farewell songs, endless cups of wine, rest, rest, the boy last night is now old.”
Humming a song he heard somewhere in his previous life, a bright moon penetrated the night, hung upside down on the sky, and pulled out behind him A long silhouette.
After opening the door and entering the house, Wen Liang quietly took off his shoes, fearing to make any noise. When they reached the middle, the door of the master bedroom suddenly opened, and Ding Mei came out yawning and asked: “Why are you back so late and where have you been?”
Wen Liang said in surprise: “You haven’t slept yet, why?” Are you waiting to catch me?”
Ding Mei reached over, grabbed his ears neatly, and walked to the living room, cursing as he walked: “Catch you? Not only did I arrest you, I also have to interrogate you today! Say, What have you been doing sneaking around all day lately?”
I don’t know when the ear-pulling move became Ding Mei’s special move, but ever since she learned this move, she has hit the target with every shot, and can transcend space and distance from any angle and any distance. The speed of time accurately grasped the earlobe three inches below, and then with a slight exertion, he gently rotated it. Wen Liang immediately lost his resistance and allowed himself to be slaughtered.
/“It hurts, it hurts! Mom, if you grab me again, be careful I run away from home!”
Ding Mei laughed loudly, not being fooled by Wen Liang’s tricks at all, and directly began to interrogate: “Tell me, where did you go at night?
” Liang’s eyes were rolling, thinking about countermeasures. Ding Mei was not in a hurry at the side, with a sneer on his face, waiting to expose his lies at any time.
“Well, that’s it. I went to the teacher’s house to make up lessons, and I had dinner at her place in the evening. Mom, you don’t know, the food they cook is very delicious, just the garlic fungus, it’s really…”
/“Which teacher?”
Wen Liang had a headache and complained: “Mom, didn’t you just wake up? Why is my IQ so much higher than usual?”
After three months of training, Ding Mei has long accepted his son’s strange way of speaking. He was completely different from the dull and weak person before. But she couldn’t ask for such a change. At least the relationship between the two father and son has improved a lot. Sometimes they can be seen huddled together muttering something, pretending to be fine when they see her. Humph, you really thought I didn’t notice it? Too lazy to talk to you!
Ding Mei smiled coldly, grasping the essence through the phenomenon, and said, “Which teacher?”
“Si Yajing, Teacher Si, is a very nice person. He gave me chemistry supplements for free.” Wen Liang was embarrassed when he told li

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