made Gong Hanying breathe a huge sigh of relief. If he could really take into account the power of sword energy, Considering the characteristics of qi and true energy, the Zhu family’s “Purple Night Flame” would be too scary.


But Su Yu’s next words almost made her choke to death. “But “Purple Night Flame” can greatly purify the true energy of the Qi. Not only does it increase the magical effect of the Qi Dao itself, but as the true energy continues to be purified, its killing power will gradually approach or even surpass the power of the sword energy.”
Such a gasping way of speaking made Gong Hanying’s face turn red with frustration. After a long while, the girl managed to calm down and spoke hurriedly.
“Since it has such a powerful effect, how come the Zhu family doesn’t practice it as a whole family? If it is so terrible, in less than thirty to fifty years, the entire Qinwangling will become the world of our blood clan.”
As if thinking of all the scenery behind the Qinwang Mountains, Gong Hanying’s charming and bright little face turned rosy. Of course, it might have been because she was holding her breath back just now.
/But Gong Hanying’s suggestion only received a speechless roll of the eyes from Su Yu, “If “Purple Night Flame” were so easy to practice, our Su family wouldn’t be in charge of Blood Soul Ridge now. After understanding this set of exercises, After the miracle of “Zhu Xiaoyan”, my grandfather also considered asking Grandpa Zhu for secrets, and even gave up his own skills to practice Zixiao again. With the support of the family and past experience, plus the various skills of “Purple Xiaoyan” It’s amazing. Although it will be difficult to practice again, once you succeed, maybe my grandfather will be able to truly complete the building of the tripod and return the foundation.
But in the end, grandpa gave up. I don’t know the specific reasons. I just have a general understanding. It seems that the practice process and practice of this set of exercises are too difficult and dangerous. Even Grandpa Zhu, who created this set of exercises, I have not been able to push this set of exercises to the limit. ”
In the middle of the intrigue between the two juniors, in the dim night, as cold as water, the bloody Zhu Yun stood alone in the wilderness, lowered his head and concentrated his sword, and smiled softly: “Killing is a sin! So what!? Many years ago , I already know that killing is a sin, but I know even more that I would rather go on than look back. There is no limit to the sea of ??blood, and there is no regret in killing. I have already decided to bear it, so why should I hesitate?”
My choice is up to me! My blood is Zhu Yun, and I have no regrets in this life.
Chapter 101 Calculation and Charming, Yin and Yang Combined, Purple Night Flame
After finally satisfying Gong Hanying’s curiosity and telling her everything he wanted to tell her, he finally separated from the girl, which made Su Yu take a long breath. Although he doesn’t like this girl’s charming and cunning demeanor, she is indeed on

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re was any further hesitation, no one would be able to leave.

He hesitated, and Heshen rushed out after Nan Zhaorong. Murong Cheng followed closely behind, but without saying a word, his speed increased sharply, and he actually caught up from behind. Fly to the front. “A certain family takes the first step! Young Master, Miss, take care!” His face condensed, and his whole body suddenly lit […]