nghua Realm benefited from this and achieved overall ascension.


Zhang Jian was also shocked at this moment.
This kind of creation is simply amazing.
Zhang Jian can imagine that if Donghua Realm really succeeds in ascension, the benefits that many immortals and gods can obtain are beyond the expectations of the gods.
Zhang Jian could sense at this time that with the new layers of innate Dao Qi and acquired Dao Qi successfully analyzing the attributes of the earth, earth, and nine ethereal realms for him, his level of analysis of the mysteries of the laws of the earth was increasing rapidly.
The road has no end!
Zhang Jian thought of this word.
Zhang Jian suppressed his thoughts and ignored the movement above his head.
Above the sky, as more and more demon world passages are penetrated, many tyrannical demon kings from outside the world have appeared, and they are driving many demon gods to interfere with the ascension of Donghua Realm from the outside world.
The battlefield was too dangerous, and Zhang Jian didn’t even think about fighting such a high-end game. Now he only needed to be loyal to his duties and protect the Xuanhuang Fetal Membrane Formation of Heaven and Earth.
However, Zhang Jian still revealed that he was deeply concerned about the overall situation of the Donghua Realm’s dimension upgrade. If the Donghua Realm’s dimension upgrade failed and fell into the demon world, he would have to escape.
Everything is possible.
A green bright moon appeared behind his head, and various killing changes in the depths of the void were faintly revealed inside.
It is the second-order Eternal Immortal Lotus King Mirror.
At this moment, Zhang Jian’s heart moved, and he saw countless yellow spring-colored magic lights emerging in the distance of Ningcui Cliff, and instantly turned into a torrent and headed in the direction of Ningcui Cliff.
However, there is a group of demonic masters lurking in the world who are eyeing the Shushan Sword Sect on Ningcui Cliff.
Deep in the ancestral orifice of the earth, a fairy light turned into a round mirror and appeared in front of Zhang Jian’s eyes. He saw a heroic young immortal holding a sword and saluting Zhang Jian.
/“Please ask the emperor to come forward and wipe out the enemy!”
That was Taoist Shi Ying, the leader of the Shushan Sword Sect.
This Quartz Taoist is rumored to be a creature born from an innate spiritual stone. He was born with an extremely powerful body, almost like an innate god.
Later, he was mentored by Taoist Changmei. After becoming an immortal, he became the focus of the Shushan Sword Sect’s training, and finally became the leader of the Shushan Sword Sect in the Donghua Realm during the competition.
/His Taoism has reached the level of Taiyi Zhenshu.
This kind of Taoism is also very eye-catching among the immortals.
In the ancestral orifice of the earth, Zhang Jian said calmly.
“I already know about this, you junior don’t have to worry!”
Taoist Shi Ying cupped his hands and felt relieved.
In the ancestral orifice of the earth, Zhang J

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