the lightning. The catastrophe had lasted for a long time, but the lightning kept falling. The Taoist priest’s heart Confused, while constantly traveling in the golden ocean, he carefully deduced the direction of the spiritual energy around him. It turns out that after lightning strikes, it will be converted into spiritual energy, which will be absorbed by the long blood-colored clouds and form new lightning.


“I see, my will has become a human being, and I have my own punishment from heaven. It is indeed very dangerous.” The Taoist priest murmured in a low voice.
The endless golden ocean made Li Xuan’s soul tremble continuously, and the power of the disaster was really unbearable. At this time, the Taoist priest activated his spell, and the Taoist essence filled his surroundings. The next moment, he suddenly roared, and this time an unusually vivid image of a unicorn giant beast appeared behind him, and the terrifying spiritual energy was swallowed up. It instantly turned into an earth-yellow impact pillar, with the Taoist as its center, attacking the sky.
“call out!”
The huge earth-yellow shock wave tore through the air and impacted the bloody cloud!
A loud noise suddenly sounded in the bloody cloud.
/But it was the earth-yellow shock wave that tore apart the space and tore out a black chasm in the calamity cloud.
Space crack!
The space was shattered like a lens at this moment, and the monstrous energy of the robbery cloud was absorbed by the cracks in the space. In just a few breaths, the huge energy of the robbery cloud was completely dissipated.
Li Xuan was almost stunned. He could not imagine that the Taoist priest in the sky would roar through the air and smash the clouds of punishment and calamity in front of him. Under the mental impact, he was shocked and speechless.
The clouds of calamity dispersed, and visions arose.
Five-color auspicious clouds descended from the sky, and the splendor appeared. The air was filled with the smell of black and yellow energy. The spiritual energy between heaven and earth suddenly rose, and the surrounding forbidden power naturally disappeared. Li Xuan felt that his body was recovering and the scars were gradually disappearing, and then he looked towards Mother. But he found that his mother’s face was gradually becoming rosy, and her old face was slowly changing, and her whole person was exuding a kind of vitality.
Although the reason was not very clear, Li Xuan knew that it was all related to the Taoist in front of him. He immediately knelt down, offered his hands and said, “Thank you, senior, for saving your life. If it weren’t for your help, my mother and I would have died here long ago.
The younger generation begs to become the disciple of the older generation, acting like a cow or a horse, allowing the older generation to drive and dispatch him in order to repay the great kindness, and ask the older generation to fulfill his wish! ”
The Zhongzheng Taoist priest who had overcome the calamity narrowed his eyes at Li Xuan. He had just seen Li Xuan blo

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