nful and said, “This object is the elder seal of Yin and Yang Tao. Holding it, you can freely enter and exit Yin and Yang.”


There are forty-eight islands, large and small, under the Yin and Yang Dao. Each island represents a cultivating force, or an overseas cultivator with great strength who occupies an island.
The elder’s seal is the certificate of the elder’s identity. With this seal, one can freely enter and leave the forty-eight islands, including Tongxin Island.
There are also allocation of resources and annual salary, and generous treatment is the goal that countless disciples pursue throughout their lives.
/Lu Bei nodded secretly when he heard this. As long as he could enter and exit Tongxin Island, he could go to the arsenal to take a look. He would not be respectful of this Elder Seal.
Lu Bei put down the boneless Yi Feng, clenched his fists and coughed lightly, and walked towards the Jie family brothers with a surprised look on his face: “Brothers, you came to my house as guests, why didn’t you tell me in advance, what did this elder say? Come on, the mountain guard formation is so powerful, you must not listen.”
Wai Bi Wai Bi.JPG
It was too stiff and had no silky and smooth beauty. I heard the Jie family brothers, one with two heads and two heads, scolding the evil bird for being shameless and fearing to be the scum among the elders.
It is conceivable that Onmyoji’s reputation will seriously decline.
/The world of cultivating immortals is the most realistic. If you can’t do it, you can’t do it. The two brothers are not as good as others, and reasoning is useless. They clasped their hands and admitted their mistake of entering the mountain gate by mistake. The human brother and the bird brother soon became familiar with each other.
Yi Feng had already woken up. He was pressed down on the bottom of the sea and rubbed repeatedly by Lu Bei. After the three-way was completed, he felt pain everywhere in his body. His face was pale and his eyes were dull. He had to rest for a few days before he could return to his peak.
Because they disdain to be with “Black Feather”, the three of them completed the task assigned by Lao Jun, and took off leisurely towards Tongxin Island, leaving behind Bai Yin who was looking longingly at the sky.
Human monks are nothing more than this, and he will never stand again.
Lu Bei lowered his fist, hitting the little white cat with stars in his eyes, staggering and collapsing to the ground.
He held his hands in the air, exposing his belly.
Lu Bei sat down on the bench, took some snacks and took a few bites. It was obviously to satisfy his craving, but as a result, he became more and more greedy, until he couldn’t hold back, and planned to move according to the blood pulse.
But no.
Once you take this bite, you can’t come back.
“Sick Cat, your kid just betrayed me. No, there is no betrayal without loyalty. Your kid has always been an undercover, right?” Lu Bei sneered.
Holding the back of his neck in hand, he chewed the bloodless snacks while glaring at B

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