ot difficult at all.


Zhu Qilan clutched her aching chest and sat up cross-legged with difficulty.
The vitality of the cultivator in the realm of gods was strong, but after a while, the three blood holes that penetrated his chest and back were completely restored.
/She stood up expressionlessly, and with a thought, she called the two white tigers in front of her and blocked Lu Bei.
“Cousin, what are you doing? If you have anything to say, I’ll do it!”
Lu Bei looked around, but his sight was blocked by a big round plate. When he stopped, the white tiger stopped. When he moved, the white tiger moved. After several rounds, he saw nothing except the clothes thrown by Zhu Qilan on the ground.
When the two white tigers dispersed, Zhu Qilan had changed into new clothes. She tied up her long hair again, cleared away the blood everywhere, and nodded with a smile in the face of Lu Bei’s proactive help.
The further away the better, it’s best to go back to the capital, serve the emperor’s brother personally, and never appear in front of her.
When she was possessed, Lu Bei’s merciless fists and kicks left a deep impression on her, especially the unbearable look in his eyes, which she will never forget in her life.
Incomprehensible, Zhu Qilan found it hard to believe that the dog man came with a mission.
But then I thought about it, with her indifferent temperament, any gentleman would be frozen to death if she got too close, even if she didn’t talk to her. Choosing a man with a thick face and a dark heart would have unexpected effects.
Haha, is this why you dug a hole for your sister to jump into?
Zhu Qilan sneered in her heart, admitting the emperor’s younger brother’s tactical ability, but the premise for the trick to be effective was that it was secretive enough. She already knew everything, how could the emperor’s brother win?
“Cousin, where should we go next?”
Lu Bei stepped forward and said: “According to my many years of experience in listening to people working in the fields, the secret realm is divided into four gates. You have already obtained the largest secret treasure in the White Tiger Gate. There is little point in keeping it. In order to maximize the benefits, you should Turn into Zhuque Gate.”
The technique of that Western scripture was worth 100,000 skill points, and the price was so high that Lu Bei was frightened. He personally didn’t believe that there was still a bigger and stronger opportunity here.
But inferring backwards, the White Tiger Gate has the Western Sutra, and the other three gates have corresponding ones. Each gate has opportunities for skills that are not weaker than those of the Western White Tiger.
/You have to do it quickly, it’s cheap. Master Mo Buxiu once said that chance is not about destiny, it’s about first come, first served. You can fight for it if you are late, but you won’t be able to drink the soup later.
There is a so-called fate secret, which strictly limits the people who are destined to be destined. Lu Bei is not worried about other people g

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