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Random battle.
Because a truly powerful party like Ge Mang attaches great importance to “Zhenren”, it suddenly increases Zhenren’s popularity and makes him famous at the level of the 20th to 30th floors, especially since he can make Ge Mang use his spells Control is interested and has attracted some camps. Rumors are just rumors. No matter how outrageous the rumors are, they still need to verify them with their own eyes.
There are also many well-known figures between the 20th and 30th floors. For example, Yan Yuyue, Ma Tianer, Du Ziyu, and Gong Yunluo in the latest session will attract the attention of many cultivators every time they fight.
Ge Mang was like Yan Yuyue in the past, but with talents like Yan Yuyue and others, they will inevitably advance to the 30th level or above within five years. When they master the spells to a certain extent, promotion will become inevitable.
When the opponent appeared, everyone was surprised, Du Ziyu!
So far, the new four masters have maintained complete victory, which is quite exaggerated and gorgeous. However, these four people have also launched random battles and have never fought against each other. Among the four, one is from the Dragon King camp. One queen camp and two king camps, symbols of status and strength.
And now the interesting thing is coming, the “real person” who is the most popular person in the world faces the real person “Du Ziyu”, the little parting sword.
Du Ziyu, who is from one of the top fifty sects in the Star Alliance, in the eyes of the cultivators in the academy, is a real master from a famous family. However, even if there are many people from famous families, they will not be accustomed to it when they arrive at the cultivation academy. But as long as you show adaptability Strength, the subsequent support is by no means comparable to that of ordinary sects.
This battle will truly test the quality of the “real person”. Is it a mule or a horse?
What arc swordsmanship, these things are probably not difficult for masters like Du Ziyu, but the problem is that senior masters like Ge Mang don’t choose them, but choose Zhenren. Does this mean Zhenren is better than them?
/Du Ziyu couldn’t help but smile when he saw his opponent. It took no effort to break through the iron shoes and find nowhere. If he defeated the real person, he would be very interested in taking over the battle with Ge Mang. Winning or losing the battle didn’t matter at all. The experience gained from fighting against masters is the most valuable.
Arc swordsmanship? It’s easy to show off this basic swordsmanship, but it’s just to bully the weak.
Cultivators are divided into levels and will become even bigger when they arrive at the Cultivation Academy!
/This was an unexpected encounter.
Du Ziyu looked provocatively at the opponent in front of him who did not dare to reveal his true colors. He was from a well-known family and was not interested in such pretentious opponents. To deal with such an opponent, he had to educate him with devastating attacks!

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