suddenly had this thought.


While hugging the paper bag containing the ham tightly, he reached for the pocket of his old jacket, trying to take out the crumpled cigarette that he had been reluctant to smoke.
What he couldn’t understand was why he, who was healthy, would suddenly become sick. He had never experienced such a thick fog before.
What he couldn’t understand was that his life had just gotten on the right track and was developing in a good enough direction. He had received the reward paid by Detective Moriarty in advance and bought a piece of ham that he had been thinking about for a long time to welcome the New Year. He was looking forward to it. Tasting its deliciousness, why did it suddenly collapse.
Old Kohler took out the crumpled cigarette, but he could no longer lift his arm and hit the ground hard.
He used his last strength to shout out the words he had accumulated in his heart, but he could only let the weak words linger around his mouth, unable to come out.
He heard his last words.
He heard himself asking:
In an apartment on the edge of the East End.
Liv hung up the last of the starched laundry to dry.
She looked at the sky outside, and was a little confused by the fog that had become thicker at some point.
“Anyway, it’s still early, and our washing work has been completed.” Liv’s expression gradually became heavy.
Finishing work too early is not a good thing. It does not mean that you can rest. It only means that there is insufficient work and insufficient income.
Liv took a breath, turned around and said to her eldest daughter Freya, who was wiping her hands and looking straight at the vocabulary book in the next room:
“It’s almost the New Year, and most of our employers have left Backlund to go on vacation elsewhere. We can’t continue like this and have to find new jobs.”
She said as she walked towards the door:
“During such festivals, those rich people will hold banquets one after another. Their servants may not be enough. They may hire temporary kitchen cleaners. I plan to ask, Freya, are you staying? At home, it’s time to pick up Daisy, we need income, and those son-of-a-bitch thieves, robbers, and human traffickers also need income to welcome the New Year.”
In the East End, if every woman who has not entered a factory wants to survive, she must be either crafty or provocative.
/Freya replied briskly:
Her mind had wandered to the small table and vocabulary book next door.
Just as Liv opened the door, she suddenly stumbled and fell to the ground.
She coughed violently, her face turned red, and every joint in her body ached unbearably.
/Freya ran over in panic and squatted down:
“Mom, what’s wrong with you? Mom, what’s wrong with you?”
“No, cough, I have no problem.” Liv’s breathing gradually became difficult.
“No, you are sick. If you are sick, I will take you to the hospital immediately.” Freya tried her best to help her mother up.
“It’s too expensive, it’s too expensive, cough, go to Charity Hospital, Charity Hospital, I can wait, no, it’s not a big pro

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