ly became the Demon King.


The truth is clear, at least that’s what Lu Bei thinks.
But in fact, few people have paid attention to this truth that is almost out in the open. Everyone, including Emperor Ji, regards the Queen Mother of the Ten Thousand Monster Kingdom as too dark and forbidden. How can she be a godmother? It’s just a secret excuse to use the chess piece of one emperor and eight kings.
If there was anything special about her, it would probably be that the fox girl was so stunningly beautiful that she fascinated Tai An.
This is what the second generation Demon Emperor looks like.
The human royal family, the royal family, and some of the rich and powerful people who have the conditions are all like this.
If you want to have fun, you have to look at the wealth and wealth of these people. Compared with them, Lu Bei’s filial piety seems out of place.
“I never thought that the first meeting between Gu and the second-generation Demon Emperor would be today.”
Emperor Ji dispersed all kinds of speculations, Lu Bei was the second generation Demon Emperor, which was both a good thing and a bad thing. The unity of man and nature went his own way and became unpredictable.
Overall, the pros outweigh the cons.
At least before Ying Long’s death, he and Lu Bei had no conflicts of interest. On the contrary, Lu Bei was too dark and completely opposed to Ying Long.
“Gu Yi never thought that once upon a time, just like yesterday, Gu could actually be on an equal footing with Emperor Ji.”
Lu Bei clasped his hands behind his back and looked past Ji Huang and Renwang Ding. He saw Qinglong’s little face was pale and lost his mind. He raised the corner of his mouth and nodded with a smile.
A slight smile is not charming, but it is very ferocious.
You are miserable. Emperor Ji can protect you in front of Lu Bei, but he will never protect you in front of Demon Emperor Tai An. The water here is very deep, Xiao Qing, you can’t control it.
“Tai An Demon King, does Ying Long know about this?”
On the day when the second-generation demon emperor ascended the throne, Emperor Ji ordered Lin Jushui to go to the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom on behalf of Daxia and secretly sent a copy of the ‘Zhu Xian Sword’. Lu Bei also asked Lin Jushui to pass the message on his behalf, telling him that he had benefited a lot.
/At that moment, the two of them tacitly understood each other and regarded Ying Long as their number one enemy.
The two of them said nothing about the future of the human race and the demon race, and how Lu Bei and Emperor Ji would get along in the future. Everything would be discussed after Ying Long’s death.
According to Lu Bei, as long as he upgrades quickly enough, he can catch up with Emperor Ji in the shortest time.
On the day when the world changed, he snatched heads to gain Yinglong’s experience and started a violent upgrade path. Once he had enough strength and accumulated relative power, it was time for him to fight with Emperor Ji.
Emperor Ji’s thoughts are simpler. Unlike Yinglong’s many calculations, Emp

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