being, how can you have life, how can you be called a traveler?


“Whether you hate me or blame me, I can accept it, but if you don’t even allow me to be a human being, it’s too much.” Liu Changan slowly shook his head. He just expressed his objection, but he didn’t say too much. Feel more. Of course, you decide what you are. You don’t have a timid and unstable heart and need other people’s approval to give you more confidence.
“If you were a human being, why would you just leave? Someone told you to go to Japan, but you just went there without paying any attention to anything.”
“Do you know what a real person does? He won’t abandon his home and loved ones just to watch an atomic bomb explode!”
“If you were a human, how could you decisively leave me? Do you know what a real human would do? He would at least be angry, angry, and furious to question me, instead of just leaving without any response!”
/“If you were a human being, how could you be so indifferent to me? We all know that one day a couple’s kindness lasts a hundred days, a hundred years of cultivation makes them cross the same boat, and a thousand years of cultivation makes them sleep together!”
“If you were a human being, how could you cut it off? How many things are involved in a person’s life? Cut it off if you said it was cut off, and change it if you wanted to change another life. Even though the two are cut off, they are still connected. What about you?”
The smile on Su Nanxiu’s face was eventually drowned by tears, and the remaining sneer disappeared with the choking in her throat.
She was not hysterical, nor was he roaring like a lion from Hedong. She just looked at him and revealed sentence by sentence why her resentment came from, how unhappy she was because of her obsession over the years, and all her unwillingness towards him was all because of He wanted to break it, he wanted to break it, he broke it!
And she doesn’t want to stop!
She has been looking for the fragile, almost invisible lotus root thread that can be involved with him in this vast sea of ??people.
Now he is standing in front of her, saying “Life is like a journey, and I am also a traveler”, so that she can take care of herself and then he plans to turn around and leave in a cool way?
How can such a good thing happen!
“I never like to argue or explain about serious matters. I am responsible for my own decisions and bear all the consequences.” Liu Changan glanced at Su Nanxiu and said, “This is true for you and me.”
“You mean I asked for it?” Su Nanxiu didn’t know what to say. This sentence seemed to make her unable to argue, but she was still angry.
Because she loves him, everything she does is because of him, why can’t he think about why she does this?
“You can do anything regardless of the consequences, and there is no problem, but you don’t want others to understand you after you do it. I can’t understand it, and I don’t want to understand it. I will only make my own decisions based on your behavior. Decide.”
“No matter what your purpose was at the time, it doesn

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