py for three seconds, Lu Bei hugged his shoulders and squatted back.


“Since we already have someone on the referee’s side, can’t we be more arrogant and make an unofficial decision directly?”
/The step master twitched his lips. There are shady stories everywhere, but adhering to the principle of fairness and justice, the Holy Land usually does not directly appoint the top three, and will consider placing some of its own people between four and ten.
As for the standard of one’s own people, this is more complicated. The forces of various countries are mixed, and it is far from being shortlisted by adding money.
“It turns out that Sect Master Lu was here and didn’t explain clearly, causing Zhu to wait in the woods elsewhere for a long time.”
The crack in the darkness tore open, and Zhu Dao stepped out. He saw Lu Bei and Bu Zishi holding hands, looking like they were admiring the moon and the sun would grow longer. He felt bad.
“Ah this”
The master of suffering came to the door and almost put Lu Bei out of trouble. As the pure love god of war, he decisively threw away the yellow-haired script in his hand, pointed at the scumbag and said: “My dear brother, don’t get me wrong, I have always been She seduced me, but she also went astray!”
Although something was wrong, she had no intention of explaining it. Her body turned into a ball of black liquid and quickly merged into the ground.
“Look, she ran away, she felt guilty!” Lu Bei said loudly.
“She seduced you and seduced you. Why are you talking to Zhu about this? Zhu is looking for Sect Master Lu just for today’s appointment and wants to have a good fight with you.”
“What the hell, you’re not the master of suffering?”
“What miser?”
Lu Bei realized that he had misunderstood something, and secretly thought that there was no reason. As a God of War with a firm belief in pure love, he should think about some tauren scripts all day long. He should not do this, because he must have been polluted by this materialistic world of immortality.
He wasn’t like this before!
“Sect Master Lu, please.”
“Wait a minute, you just said today’s appointment, when did this sect leader agree to spar with you?” Lu Bei shook his head speechlessly. Since the Lord of Suffering is not here, there is nothing to panic.
“Master Lu, please don’t joke. In today’s meeting, you and I were of the same mind and agreed to have a showdown in the woods. How can we regret a gentleman’s promise?” Zhu Dao said stubbornly.
The name of a gentleman was too heavy, and Lu Bei was quite moved. He never expected that he was wearing a false mask and hiding it so deeply that people would still see it out.
The truth is in the hands of a few people, and the ancients would not deceive them.
Looking at the serious Zhu Dao again, Lu Bei felt a burst of admiration in his heart. If he hadn’t been obsessed with martial arts and couldn’t hear what was going on outside the window, he would have been misled by the extremely slanderous and slanderous information from the Emperor Ji Sect. A trustless villain.

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