oreover, at this moment, Chu Weiyang looked at the seal pattern itself and had a premonition.


And in this process, the talismans and seal patterns become easier and more beneficial, which is the process of Chu Weiyang’s own physical training, and the process of the talisman and seal patterns running through them is also Chu Weiyang’s mixing of various methods. process.
When this road comes to an end, it is Chu Weiyang’s inner road of nine alchemy embryos. Finally, in the form of talismans and seal patterns, the blame is implemented in Chu Weiyang’s body training method.
Perhaps, this is true internal and external synaesthesia, this is the true beauty of both form and spirit.
But when thinking about this, Chu Weiyang also suddenly thought carefully, if he could really achieve this step, would the way of body training still be the way of body training at that time? Is that the Tao and Dharma of forging the body, or is it the Tao and Dharma of reflecting the seal patterns on the talisman?
Is it both?
Still after the interweaving and resonance, it is no longer the various methods of internal refining, nor is it the realm of a purely limited single method of physical training.
It is a method that is very different from all the methods of today, and is far superior to the method of body training.
This is a field that Chu Weiyang has never been involved in, and it is even a field that has never existed in various classics. However, when Chu Weiyang just thought about it, he felt that this was a feasible path.
/Chu Weiyang felt that according to this realm, Tao and Dharma were reflected in the body shape. He secretly thought that it might be more appropriate to call this realm “Tao, Dharma Body”.
Of course, when we consider the process of practice more realistically, it is more about the interpretation and changes at the level of “Dharma”. Therefore, if we analyze it more modestly and simply, it may be called “Dharmakaya”.
In the place where Chu Weiyang was thinking about this, he was actually surprised by what he was thinking.
Is this really the way forward for me to train my body?
When you think about it, the thoroughfares, which are so vast and almost immeasurable, can they still be regarded as the practice of the ordinary realm of elixirs?
In an instant, Chu Weiyang’s own mind suddenly broke away from the mysterious state of studying Taoism and enlightening the Dharma. Immediately afterwards, the Taoist himself was shocked.
/This shocked the child, and when Chu Weiyang slowly recovered his mood, the sound of rustling gauze clothes could be heard on the large cloud bed.
When he looked again, it was Shi Yuting who raised his head from his buried state. His wandering eyes met Chu Weiyang’s gaze, and he raised his head high again, and finally he just grunted, All you can see is the sliding movement of the twelve-story building on that slender neck.
Xu Shi understands that after all these illustrations have been confirmed and interpreted, this practice of integrating the three elements will come to an end. Ther

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