re the three of them could speak, Xu Ying had already urged Wanji’s fly whisk to rush away.


Suddenly, the void shook, and a huge palm as white as jade slowly poked out from the void, its palm print covering all the broken and scattered treasure seal fragments!
When the palm appeared, Wen Nanxun, Cang Yu, and Min Yue were confused, and numerous lights appeared in front of their eyes unconsciously.
/In front of them, the huge palm was connected to the huge figure behind the light at the end of the avenue!
The palm was firmly grasped, and the treasure seal immediately recovered and was caught in the hand!
“The owner of the treasure seal is here!”
The three of them were horrified. At this moment, another powerful figure flew out of the void and landed around the palm!
A pair of eyes immediately looked at Wanji Fuchen, who was desperately trying to escape. One of the powerful figures spoke in a rather surprised tone: “Your Majesty, this is the Taoist League’s Taoji whisk. The Taoist League has brought trouble to the Chaos Sea and has fought against us many times. They are against each other, and this time they actually made trouble in the Imperial Capital! These rebels cannot let them go!”
The palm holding the big seal paused, and a thick and majestic voice came from the void: “Accurate.”
/That powerful figure was chasing Wanji Fuchen. Xu Ying looked back and his heart suddenly thought: “Where did they come from so many masters?”
He suddenly changed direction and headed straight for the Chaos Clock!
Wen Nanxun was horrified and shouted: “Fellow Daoist Xu, what are you doing? The Chaos Bell has a grudge against our Taoist alliance! Don’t seek death!”
Xu Ying turned a deaf ear and urged the Wanji whisk to lead them roaring towards the foot of the Chaos Bell and land on the giant black coffin.
Chaos Bell was slow because it had to drag the black coffin, and was soon overtaken by the powerful figure coming from the void.
However, they did not step forward. Instead, they surrounded the Chaos Clock and did not take action.
Under the bell, on the coffin board, Xu Ying, Wen Nanxun and others were extremely nervous. If these people took action and the big bell rang, I’m afraid they would also be wiped out!
Chaos Bell still moved forward unhurriedly, turning a blind eye to the powerful men surrounding it.
“They are from the Chaos Empire.” Taoist Cang Yu observed their clothes and said nervously.
“Chaos Empire?”
Only then did Xu Ying have time to look at these powerful men, and saw that these people were not dressed in Taoist uniforms like the people in the Taoist League. The clothes they wore were very much like official uniforms, divided into civil and military categories.
Civil servants are dressed in black robes, with swords and red ribbons tied around their waists, golden fairy crowns on their heads, book swords and jade pendants hanging on their waists, and black Qitou shoes.
The military attache wears a red robe, a long sword tied with a black ribbon on his waist, a large wuxian crown on his head, a sharpen

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