three-A, four-A, and five-A. It has nothing to do with your bra cup.” Qin Yanan showed a teasing smile, calm and confident, “Why are you so sensitive? You are Not just A’s.”


“You are a dirty big-name woman.” Zhu Juntang scolded.
“You…” Qin Yanan was about to scold back, but looked back. Fortunately, Liu Changan had gone to the kitchen, and she was too lazy to pay attention to Zhu Juntang and followed him into the kitchen.
Zhu Juntang also came to take a look.
Eating is a big deal, cooking is of course also a big deal, and the preparation before cooking is also particularly important. Liu Changan naturally has no interest in paying attention to the girls’ daily bickering, and is dealing with the sheep head seriously.
“This is a castrated white goat. The smell is not that strong. Let’s soak it for a while first.” Liu Changan took a large deep bucket of soup pot and put the goat head in it, poured cold water in and soaked it. Qin Yanan is a good cook. Yes, generally this kind of people like to collect and buy kitchen utensils. They have all kinds of knives and cooking utensils, which are very convenient. It can easily make people who are proficient in cooking feel like they want to show off their skills, just like the hidden masters in the world. When a magical weapon arrives, you can’t help but want to return to the world again.
“Do you want me to help you?” Qin Yanan also wanted to try Liu Changan’s cooking skills to see how talented this person who is so good at eating and telling other people’s cooking is.
“No, just wait and eat.”
“I never cook. It will hurt my skin. What if I cut my hand with a knife and get a scar from water?” Zhu Juntang looked at his flawless hands, imagining the terrible scene of scars on them, and was afraid. “Then I’m not perfect,” he said.
“Then please don’t stand at the door of the kitchen blocking the way.” Liu Changan walked out of the kitchen, “Let’s play cards first. Is it okay to run away?”
“How do you know how to play cards?”
/Qin Yanan and Zhu Juntang said this together. This person spent all day playing cards and gambling with a group of old men and women in the community, and they didn’t know what the fun was.
/“You can play cards, but you are not allowed to cheat. There are surveillance cameras in the room.” Zhu Juntang remembered that Liu Changan had super powers, and in those “God of Gamblers” movies, people with super powers would use their super powers to cheat.
“Are you installing surveillance cameras in your room?” Liu Changan asked strangely. He raised his head and didn’t find where the camera was at first glance. He didn’t know if it was installed in the bedroom, and it was not convenient for him to see a girl’s bedroom.
“It’s installed everywhere, even in the bedroom.” Zhu Juntang said regretfully, “I just found out, but it’s a pity that the computer has been formatted, otherwise I should be able to see what happened last night.”
“What’s so interesting? Do you really want to prove that I’m possessed by my great-grandmother? You’re crazy.” Qin Yanan said

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re was any further hesitation, no one would be able to leave.

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