ell into a tight siege and sacrificed to the Dao Sea. Countless universes rose up from the vast Dao Sea, which was extremely majestic.


However, the next moment, all the Yuanshi Dao realms sacrificed their respective Yuanshi treasures and worked together to suppress it. They immediately suppressed his Daohai and made it submissive and calm.
“Xu Ying, why do I need the Dao Emperor to kill you?” Liuli Daozu said with a smile.
Suddenly, Xu Ying raised his foot and stomped hard, causing the Daohai to turn upside down. Everyone was in a hurry, and Xu Ying killed one person. Then he turned his palm upside down and turned it into a treasure box seal to attract the Liuli Dao Ancestor!
Liuli Daozu remained calm in the face of danger and activated his Yuanshi Treasure, allowing it to be sucked away by Xu Ying while he fled.
He naturally knows the power of the Great Dao Treasure Box, so he will never compete with it.
However, Xu Ying suddenly spat out his palm force, and the suction force of the Dao Treasure Box suddenly turned into a majestic surge of Dao force, crushing his treasure and hitting the back of his heart!
Liuli Daozu vomited blood and became depressed.
Everyone stabilized their position and came to fight again. Xu Ying’s feet were stopped, and Daohai turned upside down again, and there was another chaos.
“Dao Emperor, the promise made by the Chaos Lord is unfathomable, and we are far from its rivals.”
In the cosmic cemetery, Patriarch Jing Ling broke into the restricted area and found the Dao Emperor who suppressed the Holy Ancestor. He quickly said, “Now that Xu Ying has defeated the Great Heavenly Lord, his strength has become more and more advanced. He has killed more than ten people in a row. The Dao Emperor did not take action, but only I’m afraid there will be no one available in the cosmic cemetery!”
The Dao Emperor turned his back to him and sat still, saying: “Compared to Xu Ying, the Saint Ancestor is more harmful. Xu Ying came here to force me to take action against him so that the Saint Ancestor can take the opportunity to escape. Let Xuanyuan Great Heavenly Venerable Just take action. There is not much difference between Xuanyuan and Xu Ying.”
/The Holy Ancestor had always liked to tease the Dao Emperor about his inability to advance or retreat, but at this moment he was surprisingly quiet and silent.
“Great Heavenly Lord Xuanyuan has gone up, but people are still dying in Xu Ying’s hands!”
Dao Huang hesitated for a moment and then said: “Go and tell Xuanyuan and ask him to lead Xu Ying here. When the distance is right, I will help.”
Patriarch Jing Ling was overjoyed and hurriedly went to inform Great Heavenly Master Xuanyuan.
Upon hearing this, Heavenly Lord Xuanyuan immediately took the lead and attacked Xu Ying. His strength was not much inferior to that of Xu Ying, and he posed a great threat to Xu Ying. When he joined the battlefield, Xu Ying had to deal with him seriously.
Finally, Xuanyuan Tianzun led Xu Ying to the restricted area, but he was also hit hard by Xu Ying one after

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