d. How could he be fine if his exoskeleton armor was injured like that?


He didn’t ask anything more. He didn’t ask when David became a soldier, he didn’t ask about the origin of the body, and he didn’t ask about the previous battles. He just quickly operated the identity bracelet on his wrist.
Soon David’s identity bracelet received authorization from Lieutenant Eaton, as well as a message.
“David, Jim and Daley are safe. I’ve given you the authority to use the long-range sniper cannon. You must try your best to kill all mercenaries who dare to challenge the military!”
There is not a word of thanks in the whole sentence, but the lack of thanks represents Lieutenant Eaton’s sincere gratitude, which shows that the gratitude he needs to pay cannot be expressed in words.
The Land Tiger armored vehicle reached its extreme speed. Lieutenant Eaton gave the armored suspension vehicle a military action order. In two minutes, the armored suspension vehicle reached the city wall.
David jumped off the armored hover vehicle. The vibration made him frown. He issued a command in the treatment option of the police exoskeleton armor.
The police exoskeleton armor began to scan David’s ribs, and then several fixation nails were driven into David’s body. During the entire process, David followed Soldier Gilad and endured the pain.
He didn’t want to waste any time, he wanted these lawless mercenaries to pay the price.
“I received an order to hand over the right to use the No. 35 long-range sniper gun control room!” A sniper wearing a sergeant’s uniform stood at the door of the No. 35 long-range sniper gun control room and saw Soldier Gilad. and David immediately after speaking loudly.
There was no dissatisfaction in his voice, but a strong sense of admiration.
When the order came to him, it was clear that it was David who wanted to take over the control room where he was located.
If someone else were to take over the authority of the control room he was responsible for, he would definitely be dissatisfied, but who was David? He relied on three long-range sniper cannons to kill more than a hundred first-level Zerg, three second-level Zerg, and Silver Recipient of the Order of the Star.
“Mr. David, can I watch your operation from the sidelines?” the sniper sergeant asked softly when David walked into the long-range sniper gun control room.
“No problem!” David nodded, not caring that anyone was watching.
“Brother David, I’m staying outside!” Soldier Gilad looked at the exoskeleton armor on David and said in a deep voice.
David didn’t remove the exoskeleton armor until he got here. He knew that his guess was true and David was seriously injured.
He needed to get the paramedics over immediately so he could get the best treatment when David was done.
/David walked into the control room, sat on the control chair, and grabbed the control instrument with his hand.
The exoskeleton armor did not affect his operation. In terms of flexibility, wearing the exoskeleton armor would actually increase his speed.
Sniper soldiers original

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