ious the source of high-level bloodline was. The five girls of Huhe did nothing. They ate and drank every day. They were carefree and had no worries. Before they started practicing, someone had paved the way for their future.


Thinking of this, his thoughts became more complicated, and he subconsciously touched the blood curse on the back of his hand.
Perhaps the biggest mistake in life is actually finding someone worth relying on after years of wandering around.
“What are you thinking about? You are not a fox. These five bottles are for those little girls.”
/Lu Bei raised his hand and waved in front of She Zhang, interrupting her random thoughts, and continued: “I don’t know about demon cultivators. We will go down to the underground palace later. I will be the guardian and you will help them advance to the bloodline.”
The underground palace has three entrances and exits, a deep well in the backyard, a fox cave in the back mountain, and a separate passage opened during renovation.
There are three passages, two of which are specially prepared for players. Only the entrance to the deep well in the backyard requires the leader’s token to open. It is regarded as a backdoor by Lu Bei and few people know about it.
/Lu Bei led the way, and She Zhang led Hu He and the five girls through the stone formation and arrived at the stone chamber at the bottom.
The five little girls knew little about cultivation, and four were optimists. Only Hu He knew how valuable the source of blood was. He blinked at Lu Bei with his big eyes, recalling that Lu Bei was digging a fox hole with a hoe, but she was like this. At the scene of facing a powerful enemy, a warm smile couldn’t help but appear on his face.
The leader is really good, probably the best leader in the world.
She Zhang raised her hand and knocked on Hu He’s forehead, folded her arms over her shoulders, glanced at the five little foxes, and said sternly: “Sit cross-legged, stop being childish, and I will teach you how to refine the source of blood.”
Full of majesty, the five little heads immediately resembled chickens eating rice.
The five girls sat cross-legged on the ground, holding the source of blood in their hands. She Yan came behind the five people and was about to tear open their clothes. She suddenly thought that these were gifts from Lu Bei. The five little girls liked them very much. She stopped and looked towards the corner without realizing it. A certain man looked over.
“You have something to say.”
“go out.”
Lu Beipianpidian left the stone room and sat cross-legged guarding the door. Everyone was practicing hard for a better tomorrow, and it was time for him to fight too.
Out of respect for cultivating immortals, I ran the ‘Secret Record of the Demonic Creation of the Great Wilderness’ for five minutes before opening my personal panel.
[You have completed the task [refining elixir]]
[Complete the Dasheng Pass order as scheduled and receive 2 million experience points as reward]
[Current task [Refining elixir]]
[Complete the

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