you very much. Show yourself well.”


Seems great? Wang Xuan’s eyes were bright and he had no intention of avoiding it. He looked at the woman in the white mist wildly.
/He didn’t fight back because he was concerned about this woman and was worried that she had some big killer weapon on her.
He is not in a hurry. He has been released from confinement and is free here. What he needs to do now is to determine the position of the imperial flag, wait for the right time, and then take action.
Of course, he believed that there must be no delay to avoid the sudden return of the stranger.
When he saw that the demon king Wang Xuan showed no awe and just glanced at the purple-haired woman in front of her, the limit-breaking prodigy who just spoke scolded her again.
“How presumptuous, put away your wildness as the demon king of the Five Tribulations Mountains. What is your identity? How can I allow you to glance at me so harshly? Who do you think you are? Even the true immortals of the Five Tribulations Mountains are so useless. Are there rules? Don’t mistake rudeness for willfulness, people must be self-aware!”
Wang Xuan looked back at him and said: “Do you know what the gap is between you and me? No matter where I am, I have a confident heart. Look at you, you were said to be a powerful limit-breaking genius, but what did you become? Are you acting like a ghost? You have wiped out your nature and become a slave. How can a transcendent of your level be called a powerful person? I can kill you with a few sticks!”
“I want you to discuss, not make noise here.” The man in a black coat glanced over. He was a peerless person and still had a strong aura.
For a time, the entire venue was filled with a chilling atmosphere, like the coming of severe winter, with biting ice and a powerful spiritual field suppressing everyone.
After a moment, he put away his mental pressure.
“Let me ask, what if I accidentally beat him to death?” Wang Xuan turned around.
“I’m asking you to spar, it’s not about life and death.” said the woman in the red dress.
Wang Xuan said: “When an elephant is walking, do you still need to look at the ants under your feet? If you accidentally step on it, do you still blame me? Since you want to be safe, then don’t let him end up. This is good for everyone.”
“What are you talking about?!” The young man opposite had a cold expression on his face. His mouth was so mean and he didn’t take him seriously at all.
The young man opposite was wearing a green robe and his whole body was shining. He couldn’t bear it anymore and said, “If I really can’t stop you, I will die in your hands. I will admit it.”
“Okay, come here and die!” Wang Xuan pointed at him with a dark and heavy mace.
On the opposite side, the man in green had royal dao textures on his body. He grabbed a spear, his body boiled with extraordinary factors, and then he let out a loud roar. Murderous aura swept across the entire battlefield, and all the cloud patterns on the ground suddenly revived, and the light was overwhelming.
He hated this

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