nd his own strength is not strong enough. Otherwise, why would he stay outside? He dare not enter the secret realm. The strange objects in the nest are amazing. He is just temporarily obsessed. He will calm down later. We just need to block this place. If he doesn’t hand over the creation, we can just kill him.”


Soon their hearts sank again. Gu Cheng and Yu Jin from Jinque Palace arrived and were suspended in the sky.
Then, a group of white-haired swordsmen wielding sheep-horned flying swords from Qingyang Palace also approached.
Further away, people from the Tattoo Palace and the Paper Temple also showed up.
Yuan Hong, Shen Mandrill, and Luo Kun all struggled to blast out the exotic treasures in their hands, and activated the last formation diagram. Although five elements of light beams rushed up from below, they failed to open the airspace.
The rune wall blocking Wang Xuan became thinner and thinner, being ground by the Five Elements Wheel. Finally, it was like a piece of window paper, which he pierced through with his kick and stepped in.
This place is very large, truly a cave of its own, a self-contained space, with sacred trees and fairy vines as the main materials, interspersed with astral sand, and flowing with misty light.
In an instant, the pores on Wang Xuan’s body expanded. He was irradiated by the inexplicable substance and felt extremely comfortable, and his body activity surged.
With a flash of light, a ball of light ran away and submerged further into the area, avoiding outsiders. It was the strange substance it radiated just now that caused Wang Xuan’s body to float.
“What kind of strange thing is that?” he was surprised.
At the same time, the pile of glowing eggs in front is also particularly eye-catching. They are all hairy, but they are probably not broken. They are full of life inside.
“Which clan’s eggs are there?”
/The oval golden dome, more than half the height of a person, is densely covered with regular textures and covered with earthy green animal hair, as if it has grown prematurely.
His mental eye could detect that there was some kind of ferocious beast gestating inside, and it was definitely not Kunpeng. It was probably an extraterrestrial species, and he had never seen it before.
“There’s more than one kind!”
Behind the golden dome, there are some more, a few white and round eggs, shining brightly, exuding a very peaceful atmosphere, this should be an auspicious beast.
The most outrageous thing is that there are three earth-gray stone eggs and four shiny metal eggs, which make a clanging sound when knocked on them. Wang Xuan felt that this material was almost comparable to the abyss black gold helmet Hongdao wore.
Eat them to replenish your own origin? He touched it around and felt a little unable to swallow.
It wasn’t that he was worried that the eggshell was too hard, but mainly because the little life inside was about to be born. With his deep eyes, he could see through the eggshell that their blood vessel texture was very clear and they were all roughly grown.

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