iye! ?


The conditions are completely established!
Because Chu Kuang’s “I, Robot” is a series of nine stories, but any one of them can be regarded as an independent story if taken alone!
This wave is one shot and four shots!
It seems to be to verify the fans’ claims.
The Dragon Boat Festival name admits defeat!
Tamron admits defeat!
An Zhi admits defeat!
These three people didn’t even struggle.
The difference from Fan Chong is that these three people lost, but they were not unwilling at all.
Anyway, the result is loss.
There is no shame in losing to the same person and the same novel as Fan Chong.
/At most, I feel a little resentful.
It’s all Fan Chong’s fault!
This feeling is similar to how everyone wanted to lose with dignity, so each one was more timid than the other.
But because Fan Chong provoked Chu Kuang, he spoke too arrogantly.
In a fit of anger, Chu Kuang actually used the “Three Laws of Robotics” to crush him!
Under the law.
Not only was Fan Chong beaten to a pulp, but the three of them were also turned into cannon fodder.
However, Tamron is more optimistic.
This guy really doesn’t have many friends, but he went so far as to talk nonsense in the same sci-fi group that complained about his cowardice:
“Anyway, the result is a loss. It’s okay for me to fuck you, and it’s okay for you to fuck you.”
“At least Fan Chong tried hard!”
Some people were not convinced and retorted on the spot.
Tenglong sneered: “Fan Chong lost, so did I. I am equal to Fan Chong!”
Fan Chong tried hard?
Didn’t I try hard?
Is Fan Chong’s behavior worthy of praise?
It’s nothing more than saying the harshest words and receiving the most vicious beatings!
Why not just choose to be the most coward among yourself, An Zhi and Duanwu Ming!
Because an opponent like Chu Kuang was simply not something they could defeat. The lesson they learned this time was extremely painful. They just had to avoid Chu Kuang when they saw him in the future!
this day!
Seven kills completed!
Chu Kuang is close to God!
And at home at that time.
Lin Yuan looked at Fan Chong’s surrender and showed a strange expression. Is the other party looking for loopholes in the three laws of robots?
This may not be necessary.
Because this is what I have to do next.
/The promulgation of the three laws of robots is like a storm sweeping the science fiction world!
Recognition is also good.
Just question it.
This kind of law-like thing is meant for public discussion.
And in the heated discussion across the Internet.
Of course, Blue Star’s major media will not miss this news feast that spreads from the science fiction world to the world!
“I, the robot!” 》
“Three Laws of Robotics!” 》
“One of the milestones of science fiction!” 》
“The literary fight came to an end, Fan Chong was helplessly defeated!” 》
“Chu Kuang is the law!” ? 》
“What are the Three Laws of Robotics?” 》
“Chu Kuang’s latest science fiction novel shocked the world!” 》
“The leading concept in all robot-themed science fiction!” 》
“Weizhou scien

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