lue veins appeared in his hands holding the steering wheel!


At this time, the lives of everyone in the bus were in his own hands, which made the bus driver dare not relax at all.
But a bus is still a bus, not a tank. Under the desperate interception of the puppies, the battered wheels of the bus finally could not withstand the cutting of the sharp blades. With a crisp sound like broken glass, the tires burst!
The driver who was caught off guard just had time to turn the steering wheel wildly and slam on the brakes. The bus rolled directly sideways under the inertia.
There were exclamations and whines in the carriage.
This driver can be considered very strong.
The bus rolled over and crushed several puppies that had no time to dodge into meat patties.
But after the bus rolled several times and came to a stop, not to mention the casualties in the car, several puppies frantically crashed into the car window.
If nothing unexpected happens, the only outcome for those in the car is to be killed and eaten by puppies!
At this critical moment, several low sniper gunshots sounded, and all the puppies were killed by headshots. Their limp bodies were stuck in the broken glass windows.
Several strong human beings ran over from a distance.
Well, after all, there are only a few passengers who are so lucky, and most of the humans in this area are facing death.
I have to say that when these bloody scenes appeared on TV, even the most courageous guy could not help but feel a chill running down his back.
What happened to this world?
/At first, some people might have suspected that it was a prank staged by the TV station, but as more information came out, the entire Green Lake City became panicked.
The residents who reacted the fastest quickly chose various means of transportation to leave Cuihu City, but more people chose to stay behind in fear.
Human beings are all like this. Either they are reluctant to part with a little extraneous wealth, or they just follow the crowd and think that it is impossible for disaster to spread.
Of course, this is just the initial doubt.
As the National Guard entered Cuihu City in large numbers, a chilling atmosphere spread. When fortifications were set up on various streets and buildings, the tight string was broken.
For those citizens, the National Guard troops that entered the city did not relieve their tension, but instead gave them a push in the back.
Of course, those companies played a big role in this. Many bosses tried every means to move their companies overseas. When the companies left, the employees naturally had no choice but to follow. This led to the flight of citizens. Spring tide.
Of course, this is not the most terrible thing.
The most terrible thing was that a Star Spirit Clan base reappeared and developed rapidly.
Well, to say that this is not a bad thing for the decision-makers who stick to Green Lake City.
So not long after the Star Spirit Tribe base developed, it faced those puppies.
Good guy, thousands of puppies rushed towards the star base like a chicken.

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