Wei Xiaobei do not have such happiness.


Bang bang bang!
Wei Xiaobei used the militant’s corpse as a target, fired a few bullets from a distance of fifty meters, and nodded with slight satisfaction.
Although the Bayi Gangyi that Wei Xiaobei usually uses is developed from the AK47, there are still some differences between the two due to differences in barrel materials and other details.
/To put it bluntly, the AK47 is more resistant to handling and dirt, and when shooting, the muzzle is easy to shake, causing the bullet impact surface to be too large and the shooting accuracy is not high. The Bayi Kongyi is not as durable as the AK47, but it is less accurate in terms of accuracy. There is a big improvement.
Therefore, out of the five bullets fired by Wei Xiaobei, only three hit the body.
At a distance of fifty meters, this is not a good result for fixed target shooting, but considering Wei Xiaobei’s shooting skills and the consistent inaccuracy of the AK47, this result is already very good.
After getting over his gun addiction, Wei Xiaobei still wrapped the big gun around his waist, holding the AK47, and ran towards the battlefield between Yong and the militants.
While walking, Wei Xiaobei checked the battle description below the attribute panel.
I found the record of that Yong.
Battle description: You watched a battle between a mercenary and a two-star terrifying creature. You encountered a one-star elite creature mercenary. You killed the mercenary, gained 80 evolution points, and the battle ended.
/This Yong is actually a two-star terrifying creature. Judging from its strength, it is probably stronger than the tree spirit. After all, being able to fly is a huge advantage. It can fight and run. Judging from its body and body, it is simply like a heavy attack aircraft. .
Wei Xiaobei felt a little calmer. Although the two-star terrifying creatures were much more powerful than the two-star elite creatures, he was not completely without a chance to fight.
What’s more, the cockroach couldn’t be intact under the attack of the mercenaries. In fact, under the attack of those rockets, the cockroach might have been seriously injured?
Not long after, Wei Xiaobei arrived at the previous battlefield. After only a short delay, there were not many militants left running around under Yong’s killing spree.
More than 300 meters in front of Wei Xiaobei, two mercenaries covered each other and shot at the Yong hovering in the air from time to time. When they saw the Yong pounce, they hugged the rat and ran in a zigzag pattern to escape.
However, the direction of their escape seemed a little bad, running towards a large crack that appeared in the middle of the fiery red mountain range.
The crack with an entrance that was about ten meters wide seemed to be a vague omen of danger in Wei Xiaobei’s eyes.
There seems to be some danger lurking inside!
As a master of martial arts who has reached the level of dark energy, Wei Xiaobei’s premonition of danger is much sharper than before.
Those two mercenaries should be elites even

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