this part of the power of faith.


The Archbishop of the War Temple, through many blessings from the God of War, constantly transforms his soul through various methods, and then through the special temperament cultivated in the high position of the Archbishop, the soul of the Archbishop of the War Temple has the ability to enter the small world and strengthen The ability to produce beliefs in a small world.
Perhaps in the small world of David’s soul space, because the number of illusory creatures is not too large, the Archbishop’s soul cannot show the strongest effect.
In the small world of the God of War, after tens of thousands of years of accumulation, countless souls of extremely devout believers have been introduced into the small world. The souls of these believers are all providing the God of War with the power of faith.
Every additional archbishop soul in the small world of the God of War can produce a 5% increase in faith.
Compared with the massive number of believer souls in the small world of the God of War, the power of faith increased by 5% of the faith enhancement will be an extremely huge amount.
/This is also the reason why the God of War is angry when he loses the soul of an archbishop. Every archbishop soul is a precious treasure of the god.
David had robbed the God of War of a hundred years of training. During these hundred years, the devotees of the God of War in the divine world and the God of War himself had all paid for Archbishop Guy in vain.
David didn’t know this, he was just curious that the Archbishop’s soul actually made his small world produce the power of faith, and it was also a power of faith that he could control.
If he had complete knowledge of faith becoming a god and understood how important it was to produce the power of faith in a small world, he would not be so calm.
Don’t underestimate the Archbishop’s soul. If they didn’t occupy the divine world, it would be almost impossible for the other evil gods to cultivate an Archbishop’s soul.
Because there are not enough believers, there are not a lot of resources, and relying only on the gifts of gods cannot make an ordinary archbishop grow into an archbishop soul that can enhance the power of faith in the small world.
Almost all evil gods are now resting on their laurels and have not obtained an archbishop’s soul for tens of thousands of years because there are no conditions for cultivating an archbishop’s soul.
This also prevents the power of faith in the evil god’s small world from growing. He can only reduce the expenditure on power of faith through sleeping, and accumulate the power of faith in the small world bit by bit.
When David was still a little helpless because he didn’t get the ball of knowledge from Archbishop Guy’s soul, he didn’t know how much benefit he had received.
If he learns some magical arts now, he does not need to believe in any gods. He can only rely on the power of faith generated in his own small world to perform magical arts.
Of course, with David’s current strength, unless he received the in

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