the resources required are extremely scarce.


The ‘Mastermind King Insect’ is originally a third-level insect race. If you want to cultivate it to the legendary level, you can imagine the hardships involved.
Anyway, in thousands of years, the ‘Mother Queen’ has only cultivated such a legendary level ‘Mastermind King Insect King’.
The ‘Mother Queen’ looked at the ‘Master Brain King Insect King’ with some reluctance. In order to find out the exact location of the ‘Blade Mantis King’, the ‘Master Brain King Insect King’ could only be sacrificed.
If the ‘Master Brain Insect King’ can be promoted to Demigod, then there is no need to sacrifice the ‘Master Brain Insect King’.
The legendary-level ‘Mastermind King Insect King’ uses his spiritual talent ability to detect the location of the god-level ‘Blade Mantis King’, and will be counterattacked by the god-level ‘Blade Mantis King’, using the resistance ability of the legendary-level ‘Mastermind King Insect King’ , almost certain death.
As long as the ‘Master Brain King of Insects’ reaches the semi-god level, the god-level ‘Blade Mantis King’ can be mentally tracked and positioned.
The ‘Mother Queen’ took out a ‘Perfect Level Kryptonite’ and forcibly shot it into the middle of the huge head of the ‘Mastermind King Insect King’. A divine power formed a complex pattern and flew into the ‘Perfect Level Kryptonite’.
/The surface of the fat body of the ‘Mastermind King Insect King’ collapsed and the skin cracked, but the mental aura of the ‘Mastermind King Insect King’ was constantly improving.
The ‘Mother Queen’ is consuming the life of the ‘Master Brain King Insect King’, using divine power to forcibly enhance the mental level of the ‘Master Brain King Insect King’, and forcibly raising the legendary level spirit to a semi-god level spirit.
Of course, it won’t take too long to forcibly raise the spirit to the level of a demigod. After that time, the body and soul of the ‘Mastermind King Insect King’ will completely collapse.
After about five minutes, the spirit of the ‘Mastermind King Insect King’ was raised to the semi-god level, but cracks continued to appear in its body.
“Mastermind King Insect King, track the location of the ‘Blade Mantis King’!” The ‘Mother Queen’ didn’t want to waste time, it issued an order.
The ‘Master Brain King of Insects’ has activated the ‘Tracking and Locating’ talent. The ‘Master Brain King of Insects’ knows the ‘Blade Mantis King’ and remembers the aura of the ‘Blade Mantis King’. Only then can he use ‘Tracking and Locating’. To locate the ‘Blade Mantis Emperor’.
Ten breaths have passed, and the search time of the ‘Mastermind King Insect King’ has exceeded the maximum time required for the ‘tracking and positioning’ talent ability, which makes the ‘Mother Queen’ feel a little uneasy.
“Sir, there is no aura of ‘Blade Mantis King’!” ‘Mastermind King Insect King’ replied mechanically.
This answer not only shocked the ‘Mother Queen’, but also shocked other Zerg gods who were watching the process through the Zerg communication network.

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