his flaws. Fortunately, he and Gear had already targeted anyone they might encounter. Everyone has devised countermeasures.


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The most appropriate thing to do towards this second lieutenant is to show mild hostility. There is no reason for hostility, and no reason for hating someone.
Take the identity of this second lieutenant as an example. His former identity as a secret policeman will definitely arouse the disgust of most people. His youth and handsomeness can also be an excuse for being annoying.
Hull once again used the method of self-hypnosis. He kept imagining in his mind the scene of Lieutenant Martin cuckolding him behind his back. Of course, he was referring to the one he was impersonating at the moment. Bruns von Philip.
This self-hypnosis worked again. When Hull got out of the car, he felt as if a layer of paste had been brushed on his face.
The carriage he was in was very eye-catching, and sure enough, the little flower umbrella was heading this way.
The person holding the flower umbrella was none other than the daughter of Marquis Daukman.
“Mr. Philip? Is that you?” This beautiful and innocent lady walked over lightly and asked.
/“There’s no need for us to be so close to each other.” Hel sighed softly and said: “You have changed a lot. The last time I saw you, you were only this tall.” He put his hand on his waist After comparing, “You become more and more beautiful and charming. Can I call you An Qi?”
“Whatever you want, this is your right.” An Qi said, she smiled, “To be honest, I am very surprised that you are here.
“Accident? How could it be an accident?” Hull said casually.
Hull didn’t believe that the Marquis’s daughter in front of him was so innocent that he didn’t even have any scheming. The relationship between her father and Bruns von Philippe’s family was not an unknown secret. Now that her father, the Marquis of Docman, has been appointed as Governor of Brownton, the Philip family will definitely take this opportunity to gain some benefits, and Bruns von Philip is undoubtedly the most suitable candidate to serve as agent. .
“I heard that you are a person who advocates freedom.” An Qi said.
Hull quickly retrieved the information they originally collected about Bruns von Philip from his memory.
Bruns von Philippe has no clear political leanings, but some people think that he is an anarchist, and perhaps this is what freedom refers to.
But Hull was not stupid enough to discuss political beliefs with a girl. Except for a few exceptions, women were generally not interested in such topics, so he simply pretended to be stupid.
Glancing to the side, Hull seemed to have just noticed Second Lieutenant Martin, and asked with a stiff face: “Who is this?”
What is the most appropriate performance? If you ask a bunch of actors about passionate performances, just the right performances, and emotional performances, you will definitely get countless explanations.
Hull only knew one of them, and that was the liar Harlan’s understanding of performance. The old liar’

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