find my sister and my partner’s relatives! So! leave me alone.”


Novi Tyrone shrugged helplessly, but he still asked: “What are the names of these two moves? Are you exaggerating? An attack that can shatter the planet? What is that? A human cannon. ?”
“Those two moves, God Wa’s finger, and”
“Fix the sky with one finger!”
/Not to mention the super battleships that are trembling in the Middle East and flying towards Asia, and the person who is self-tortured on the battleships. In the black continent Africa, which is further to the west and further west than Europe, here is the largest human being in the vicinity. At the gathering place, because the owner of a holy spear appeared here, his huge power could even split the mountain peaks and pierce the sky, so all the nearby tribes came to join them. So slowly, a thousand people, five thousand people , 10,000, 50,000 people, more than 80,000 people gathered here!
/“Huh, he finally showed up. Damn it, that guy was so unjust. He found an opportunity and ran away with a trace of regret. When I wanted to follow him, he actually used me as a shield and almost got discovered. What? What the hell did I do? Have you become a dark-skinned human?”
In the conference room of the largest tribe, a handsome white man was discussing something with dozens of black people below. Suddenly, a strong black man trembled violently. When he recovered, he said something loud and clear. He came in a language that most people didn’t understand, but only the handsome white man sitting in the front seat understood what he said. Is this Chinese?
The black man looked around a few times strangely, and then looked at the white man sitting in the front seat. He immediately showed a fairy-like expression, coughed at the same time, and then used his mind to remember He said in the local language: “I am Lao Tzu”
“I am really me! Don’t hit me. I am not swearing. I am really me.”
“What a joke! Do you want me to destroy a race that has found its own civilization and finally escaped suffering?!”
In the royal court of the elves, Kael’thas Dream Chaser looked at the dozens of souls in front of him with an angry face, including ordinary holy spirits, high-level holy spirits, and even a high-level holy spirit whose green lines kept appearing and disappearing. The pinnacle, the super strong man who could break through to the Holy Soul at any time. Even in the face of so many souls and such a huge force, Kael’thas still didn’t have the slightest fear and still roared loudly with anger on his face. With.
The old elf at the top of the Holy Spirit who was sitting on top of all the souls nodded and said: “Yes, this is what we have to do next, which is to destroy the human royal court called Human City. Kai Your Highness, Ersus, you are right.”
Kael’thas was so angry that he laughed back. He laughed a few times, and then said with a ferocious expression on his face: “So, what I experienced back then is going to happen again. ? And this time you, Staghelm, no, you all want me to be the protagonist?!”
The old elf

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