and join us.


and join us.
I didn’t understand why he suddenly asked such a question, so he answered truthfully. Fan Zhen asked me what we did after that, and I said nothing. I felt strange why Fan Zhen asked, so he told me that Wang Zhexuan was missing in the morning. , it seems that he was kidnapped.
Kidnapping? I immediately thought of the thing he took away, but at this time Fan Zhen said to me in a more solemn tone: “I’m afraid we won’t be able to escape this time, the matter seems to have been exposed.”
I didn’t fully understand Fan Zhen’s words at the time. It wasn’t until I arrived at the office that I realized something was different in the office. Fan Zhen was still sitting in the office, but he was sitting opposite his previous seat. There was another person sitting on his seat, and next to him there were two people I didn’t know at all. Fan Zhen was sitting, seemingly accepting some question.
After taking a look, I asked people in the office what was going on. Guo Zehui told me that these people had been here since the morning, and they had not come out of the office with Fan Zhen since then. It seems that he is Fan Zhen’s immediate boss. After listening to this, I thought to myself, since he is Fan Zhen’s immediate boss. That’s our boss’s boss.
So after that, I didn’t dare to watch the excitement at all, and just go and do what I had to do. However, before I came, Fan Zhen had already told me some things, such as the disappearance of Wang Zhexuan. He told me not to say anything, no matter what I did Whatever you know, always say you don’t know or don’t know, otherwise I will be implicated. This time is no joke.
I suddenly began to realize a serious problem. The scene I saw seemed to stem from the disappearance of Wang Zhexuan.
The conversation that lasted for nearly a whole morning finally ended. Fan Zhen sent these three people out. After sending them away, Fan Zhen did not explain anything to me, but returned to the office to sort out something. After a while, he came out to the office outside to tell us. This office may soon be disbanded.
We were all shocked by this news. Fan Zhen said that the higher-ups questioned our ability to handle the case because there has been no progress at all since the case of the headless corpse. So they doubt whether we really have the ability to handle such a case. They suggest canceling such an office and returning power to the police station, who will be fully responsible for the entire case. As for the case handlers in the office, they will also be reassigned. Go to the police station, except for me.
/When I heard that I was excluded, I was stunned for a moment. Fan Zhen said that I was not from the police station, but was seconded from another unit. Therefore, if the office was disbanded, I would still have to return to the original unit to work and could not be assigned to Go to the police station. When I heard the news, I didn’t know how I felt. In short, I just couldn’t accept it. I know why I couldn’t accept it, because in my long-term work, I have regar

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