to operate. There must be compensation, otherwise it will violate the “fairness principle” of the alliance.


How much to give and how to compensate is the biggest problem.
On the top of the Holy Mountain, Pius VII stood on the city tower and looked down at all living beings. Behind him, a group of high-level officials of the Holy See were shivering in the cold wind.
To be able to become a senior member of the Holy See, the strength is not much different, and the mere cold wind is naturally not a problem. What really made everyone tremble was the smile on the corner of Pius VII’s mouth.
They were all crawling and rolling out of a pit, and everyone still knew the temper of Pius VII.
From the end of the Continental War to now, Pius VII’s mood has never been better. Especially after the Franks established a new Holy See, the atmosphere on the Holy Mountain has been tense.
The Pope, who had not seen a smiling face for many days, suddenly laughed, and his smile was so weird that it was really confusing.
“Why are you so nervous? I don’t know how to eat people.”
After hearing what Pius VII said, everyone was full of complaints. It is true that the Pope does not eat people, but the Pope is more cruel than cannibalism.
In recent days, everyone who opposes Pius VII has become a “heretic”.
It is rare in the long history of the Holy See to be so ruthless in internal struggles.
After a wave of operations, all criticisms disappeared, and the power of the Pope was once again pushed to its peak.
“Your Majesty, we have completed verification of the news that Charles III wants to proclaim himself emperor. Those heretics are indeed planning this.”
Ulisse replied with an uneasy look on his face.
/I don’t know since when, the Frankish Kingdom has become a taboo that cannot be mentioned in the Holy See. All the senior officials have tacitly used the term “heresy” to refer to them.
“What’s expected!
If we don’t cause trouble, are heretics still heretics?
In recent years, the power of the Frankish Kingdom has expanded rapidly, and it is not easy for them to endure until now.
But that’s also a good thing. If Charles III didn’t jump out himself, it would be really difficult for us to find their flaws.
Now, it depends on the next game. Whether the Frankish Kingdom soared into the sky and became an empire, or whether the Holy See regained its glory, all depended on this battle. ”
/Pius VII said with a sneer.
In the past three hundred years, monarchy has suddenly flourished, and divine power has been forced to take a back seat.
Many plans of the Holy See have been ruined by these guys. All kinds of dark history are constantly being exposed, causing the Holy See’s reputation to plummet.
Charles III’s proclaimed emperor was undoubtedly another peak of monarchy, but it was also the beginning of the inevitable opposite of things.
Few countries want to see the emergence of an empire. This is not only a legal recognition issue, but also related to everyone’s vital interests.
That’s it for the countries in the Northern Contin

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