ied immediately.


The result was nothing to say, just endless wrangling. Those who dare to have such fun are nobles. Ordinary soldiers have the concept of killing for life in their minds, and know that they cannot kill in this situation.
There is no other way. When encountering such bad luck, the Sith Baron can only accept it. The perpetrator is only responsible for compensation. If he wants the other party to pay for his life, he can only appeal to the Noble Council.
You don’t need to think about it to know that this is the end of the matter. The essence of the noble council is to safeguard the interests of the nobles, and it is self-evident who the outcome will be.
If you are really angry, you can only find an opportunity to beat the opponent afterwards.
Now Baron Sith has only one thought, hoping that Count Pierce can arrive soon, otherwise he really won’t be able to withstand it.
/In the chaotic scene, not only Sis, the host, was hurt, but Hudson, the “businessman,” was also very angry.
Originally, he was just a happy melon-eater, quietly watching the performances of all parties. With the three-meter-larger version of the Earth Bear, he was enough to calm down the hot-headed guys instantly.
/After all, when nobles fight, everyone still knows how to restrain themselves and know the severity of their attacks. It’s hard to say about Warcraft.
With Earth Bear’s current physique, he was not a professional in Warcraft, so he couldn’t tell the specific stage of his growth.
If you were slapped to death, it would be an injustice.
People faked Xiong Wei, and it was smooth sailing for Hudson when he walked to the street.
Unexpectedly, accidents always come so suddenly. Before the fun is over, I become the center of attention first.
He set up a stall on the street and unfortunately got involved in a conflict between two gangs.
If it was just that the stall was smashed, it wouldn’t be a big deal. The key was that some guy with real fire picked up a sledgehammer and opened up the opponent’s head.
Seeing the unfortunate guy lying in a pool of blood, everyone present was stunned. Especially the two warring parties were overwhelmed by this scene.
The young noble who took action had a deathly expression on his face, holding the hammer in panic and not knowing what to do. A fight is a trivial matter, but killing a nobleman is a devastating disaster.
Seeing that everyone’s eyes were focused on the noble in a pool of blood, Hudson once had the idea of ​​​​abandoning the stall and running away in the chaos.
Anyway, he didn’t start this fight, and he didn’t put the person down either. It was just a hammer. As long as he fled the scene and refused to admit it, nothing would happen to him.
“What are you doing standing still? Why don’t you hurry up and call for a priest!”
Hudson scolded the crowd.
Reason told him not to run away. If he ran away at this time, there would be shit behind him.
The world of aristocrats is not only about evidence, but also about reputation. With a good reputation, you can eat well no

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